Advanced Manufacturing

Advanced Manufacturing

Expanding your capabilities with advanced manufacturing

Manufacturing is known as the way in which different raw materials can be converted into products. This has led to an annual growth of 2.6% in the transformation industry in countries like Mexico. 

In addition, this leads to a growth in the number of workers and laborers in any country. Do you know how to expand your capabilities through advanced manufacturing?

The mission of this type of processes is to take the extracted raw material to a quality product for the users. All this hand in hand with an advanced team that further promotes the objectives that are set by each developing company. 

That is why we guarantee to each of our customers effectiveness in the delivered result. All this hand in hand with good communication and innovation in the development of different activities.

With effort and dedication we seek that services like this can satisfy the different needs that exist in the market. This is how we have developed a good advanced manufacturing technique to improve the development of a product

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What is the purpose of advanced manufacturing?

With advanced manufacturing AMN seeks to improve the different production lines that exist in the market. In this way it will be possible to increase considerably the added value of the products, raising the quality standards, providing better flexibility within the market.

This makes it quite different from the traditional type of manufacturing in which the production lines are not able to offer high impact changes to other companies. 

How is manufacturing of this type divided?

To understand a little better the advanced manufacturing services we offer, we will show you the first level categories into which it is divided:

  • More efficient production: 

This involves the design, the advanced technology used and the control technology.  In addition to this, it is important the simulation and the physical and computer modeling that exists for a better result.  All this must be worked simultaneously to obtain a fast and quality result.

  • Intelligence-based production

In this case it is necessary the use of information technologies and the different logistic systems that are related. On the other hand, the machining and intelligent machines that improve production and production lines. It is necessary to apply different strategies for monitoring, maintenance and extension of the useful life of these processes.

  • Much more efficient organization

Coordination in development is key to achieving the agreed results.  Within manufacturing this is important to be able to work with the different resources and make the best use of them. Technology in this case is fundamental for the best participation.

Features of our manufacturing service 

Within AMN, our manufacturing service seeks to offer the best to each of the companies that require it. That is why we can divide them into three sections, which are:

The associated manufacturing
Within this service we seek to have a complete development of each of the activities that are assigned. From the moment in which the partial production is achieved, until the final manufacture of the product is achieved. In this way, it will be possible to have a much higher profit margin with each of the results. In addition to this, the cost reduction in the production will be a totally sure fact.

Assembly and Subassembly
With the assembly we have the ability to join different pieces within an industry to achieve a specific product, starting from the raw material. We also develop subassembly processes when we already have different assembled elements, which go inside each other to have a final product. 

Soft landing
We are also in charge of offering different types of consulting services to all those international companies. Thus, it will be possible to develop production plants that offer different benefits. In these we can highlight the decrease of the risk margin in the launching.

On the other hand, we also offer a good knowledge of the market, all through legal experience, as well as a better development within the different existing public relations.


If there are foreign companies that are manufacturers and want to extend their production within Mexico, they can count on AMN. Through our assistance, it will not be necessary for them to integrate into the nation’s culture.

The different investments in basic functions for manufacturing and development can be made without any problems. In addition to this, there will be support with the necessary manpower and knowledge of the different tax regimes.

Machining and stamping

We offer a variety of parts manufactured using the most sophisticated industrial stamping methods, guaranteeing you the best quality materials.

Wiring Harness manufacturing

We combine a team of professionals, high quality equipment and technology and processes designed to obtain maximum efficiency in order to protect your wiring, providing you with an excellent service in your harness manufacturing.

Comprehensive work at AMN to boost advanced manufacturing

Advanced manufacturing is a fact within the different services we offer at AMN. You just have to contact us so that your company can bet some of the different resources we have available. This way you will be able to get an effective result from our top experts.

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