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What is Electromobility?

Electromobility refers to the use of propulsion or traction systems powered by electrical energy applied to various modes of transportation, primarily vehicles. In the context of electric vehicles, electromobility encompasses those powered exclusively by batteries, such as pure electric vehicles or 100% electric, and also includes hybrids that combine electric motors and internal combustion engines. These vehicles, employing zero-emission technology, contribute to the reduction of environmental pollution.

History and Evolution

The history of electromobility is a fascinating chronicle of progress and innovation that began in the 19th century. This era, marked by pioneering inventors and their experiments with electric vehicles, laid the groundwork for what we now know as electric mobility. Highlights include:

Commencement with Ányos Jedlik (1828): Ányos Jedlik is recognized for creating one of the first prototypes of an electric motor, a fundamental milestone in the early development of electromobility.

Advancements in the 19th Century: In the late 1800s, various inventors contributed to the development of electric vehicles, each bringing key innovations that advanced the technology.

The Electrobat and Le Jamais Contente: These vehicles, created in the 1890s, represented milestones in the early history of electric cars, showcasing the potential of electrification in transportation.

Innovations in the 20th Century: The story continues in the 20th century with advances that, although often overshadowed by combustion vehicles, laid the foundation for the modern resurgence of electromobility.

This historical journey has been driven by significant technological advances and, more recently, by a growing awareness of climate change, factors that have positioned electromobility as a key solution in the transition to a more sustainable future.

Current Significance

Today, electromobility is crucial in the fight against dependence on fossil fuels and the reduction of the environmental impact of transportation. It represents a fundamental pillar in the progress toward a more sustainable future.

Challenges and Opportunities in the Electric Vehicle Industry in Mexico

Diversity and Categorization in the Industry

The electromobility industry exhibits a wide diversity, encompassing various types of vehicles and transportation solutions that positively impact multiple sectors.

Variety of Vehicles

From cars and motorcycles to public transportation and logistics systems, electromobility unfolds in a complete range of transportation modes, promoting sustainability and efficiency in multiple areas.

Innovations and Technology

Recent innovations, such as improvements in battery efficiency, fast-charging systems, and the integration of intelligent technologies, are redefining the electromobility industry. These enhancements not only expand application possibilities but also contribute to making electric mobility more accessible and efficient globally.

Growth Statistics and Trends

Accelerated Growth in the Electric Vehicle Industry

The electric vehicle industry is experiencing exponential growth in both Mexico and the United States. In Mexico, electric vehicle sales are expected to reach 72,655 units by 2030, representing an impressive 2,000% increase compared to previous figures. Meanwhile, in the United States, the market has seen a 10% increase in global electric vehicle sales, reaching a total of 3 million vehicles in circulation, 40% more than in 2021.

Favorable Government Policies

Both Mexico and the United States are promoting the adoption of electric vehicles through favorable government policies. These measures include tax incentives, subsidies, and environmental regulations, thus supporting the transition to cleaner and more sustainable mobility.

Investment in Charging Infrastructure and New Technologies

Investment in charging infrastructure is on the rise, being a key element for the adoption of electric vehicles. This investment is crucial to address range issues and facilitate a broader transition to electric mobility. Concurrently, the sector is undergoing continuous development of new technologies, such as more efficient batteries and fast-charging systems.

Growth Drivers

Several factors are driving the growth of the electric vehicle market:

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Contribution of AMN Quality Solutions to the Advancement of Electromobility

AMN Quality Solutions plays an essential role in the evolution of the electromobility industry, offering key services that ensure the quality and safety of electric vehicle components.

AMN has made significant contributions through its inspection services and even advanced manufacturing of harnesses, essential components of electric vehicles. Notable projects include quality assurance in batteries and electronic systems, critical areas for the performance and safety of electric vehicles.

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Experience and Technology

The differentiation of AMN Quality Solutions lies in our extensive experience and the use of advanced technology in quality control and our assembly processes, ensuring that our customers receive only products of the highest quality, safety, and efficiency.

Innovative Services of AMN in Electromobility

AMN Quality Solutions offers a range of specialized services that support the development and efficiency in the electromobility industry.

Additionally, AMN provides specialized consulting in manufacturing processes, helping clients optimize their operations and ensure excellence in their end products.

Join the Electromobility Revolution with AMN

At AMN Quality Solutions, we invite companies and stakeholders to be part of the transformation towards a more sustainable mobility by getting more information or scheduling a consultation on how we can support projects related to modern industries.

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AMN Quality Solutions is at the forefront of the electromobility revolution, driving projects toward a more sustainable and efficient future.


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