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At AMN, we are committed to excellence in our industrial services, fostering innovation, motivation, loyalty, and a passion for work in a collaborative and teamwork-oriented environment, including company members and our valuable partners and clients. Our goal is to provide services that offer our customers peace of mind and satisfaction.

Warranty Determination

The type of warranty is determined through a careful evaluation of the Probability of Human Errors (HEP), established in the initial quotation and documented in bids and contracts.

Warranty Validation

For the warranty to be attributable to AMN, the following requirements must be met:

1. The client must formally submit the warranty request via email.

2. The cause of the warranty must be properly recorded as a criterion within the work instructions.

3. Evidence of product traceability must be provided, ensuring that the material referred to in the warranty is part of the provided service:

   a) Certified material labels must be available.

   b) The containment point or mark on the piece, previously defined in the work instructions, must be indicated.

   c) Information about the batch or series of the part will be required for comparison with the daily report of sorted materials.

Note: The lack of evidence integration for validation will invalidate the warranty.

Warranty Coverage

Our warranty has the following characteristics:

Table of Probability of Human Errors (HEP)

It is essential to mention that the inspection and rework service do not constitute absolute insurance and do not guarantee 100% effectiveness. Therefore, we provide the following table of probabilities of Human Errors (HEP) associated with repetitive and routine activities in an appropriate and benign industrial environment with low-stress levels and standard time pressure.

These probabilities are relevant for activities such as Sorting, Re-inspections, and Reworks of Manufactured or Assembled Parts and Assemblies.

ClassDescriptionAssociated HEP
ProbabilityPercentage %
1Visual Rework or Inspection is carried out by a human who decides to Accept or Reject based on comparison WITHOUT the aid of fixtures, templates, or magnifiers.0.003
0.3 %
2Visual Rework or Inspection is carried out by a human who decides to Accept or Reject based on comparison with fixtures, templates, or magnifiers.0.0020.02 %
3Visual Inspection with the help of fixtures, templates, magnifiers, instruments, or testing equipment that guides the Inspector’s decision. The decision relies more on the equipment than on the Inspector.0.0010.01%
4Inspection or Testing is carried out by automated equipment that decides to Accept or Reject solely with the support of a human to load and unload the kit with the material. Even though the equipment chooses to be, the operator can influence its improper location or identification.
0.00050.05 %

The inherent error percentage related to the type of Inspection and rework is determined based on the Probability of Human Errors (HEP) table. It should be noted that this percentage is exempt from warranties.

We always strive to provide the best

At AMN, we are committed to our services’ quality and continuous improvement. Therefore, we regularly review and update our policies to ensure the satisfaction of our clients and the efficiency of our operations. We are always open to receiving feedback and suggestions to surpass the expectations of those who trust us.

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