Wiring Harness Manufacturing

Wiring Harness Manufacturing

Different industries have adapted technological progress in their products, which has made the use of materials that conduct electrical energy or information indispensable. One of these components is known as a wiring harness.

What are wiring harnesses?

Wiring harnesses are wiring systems, terminals, and connectors that transmit electrical signals and enable the activation of different functions in the product system in which they are integrated.

In the aerospace industry, automobiles, computers, and even home appliances require the right wiring harness to function and meet consumer expectations.

This wiring harness comes in various shapes, sizes, and designs, to adapt to the shapes and keep the product functional as well as safe.

How are wiring harnesses manufactured?

The wiring of a product is considered from the development process, where engineering and design teams work together. The first team is in charge of defining what type of wiring is indicated for correct operation, while the second team considers the limitations of the product design, considering sizes, distribution, and even if there may be risks of electrical problems.

Once these key steps have been established, the manufacturing process begins. The first step is the cutting process, where, according to the original design, the wiring is fragmented.

At AMN, this process is carried out thanks to the implementation of high technology capable of performing the cutting and striping work. More specifically, the cable or wire is measured, marked, and strung individually.

This is followed by the assembly and insulation process. It is of utmost importance to pay attention to and improve this level constantly since this is where most errors occur. It must be checked that there are no damaged, stripped, or deformed cables and that the insulation material is intact.

After this, the cables are crimped using manual or automatic tools. Following the safety guidelines, after this step, the inspection must identify defects because the accidents generated by these products can lead to very serious problems for the user.


  • Cutting & Stripping
  • Termina application, automatic & manual
  • Electrical tests
  • Labeling & Packaging

What distinguishes AMN’s wiring harness services?

Our service maintains tests during different stages of the assembly process, both qualitative and quantitative, which verify that all components of the harness are fully functional, performing efficiency and conductivity tests.

As part of the culture of excellence that distinguishes our company, we also focus on exceeding our customers’ expectations in terms of quality, reliability, and service. Three decades of service back us up.

What certifications are required for wiring harness assembly?

– ISO 13485: 2016

– MDSAP Certified to 21CFR820

– IPC-WHMA 620 Compliant

What impact does Mexico have on wiring harness manufacturing?

In the context of TLCAN, and the revolution of the automotive industry with the progressive inclusion of electric cars, Mexico seems to have the perfect scenario for harness manufacturing.

It is estimated that 70% of the harnesses marketed in North America are manufactured in Mexico, this places the country in a critical position in the manufacture of vehicles because it cannot do without these parts or place them in final processes. The lack of harnesses can stop complete production lines, as it is impossible to finish assembly without them.

Understanding the large participation that the country has in this sector, it is not risky to estimate that thanks to the fact that electric vehicles will need more wiring than conventional cars, the country will receive huge investments.

Currently, vehicles can contain more than 150 pounds of wiring, which is estimated to increase.

What does AMN’s wiring service do?

Cutting and striping: we mark and cut the wiring with high-tech equipment.

Automatic and manual application of terminals: using technology and skilled labor we install the necessary terminals for signal transmission.

Electrical testing: we verify the correct operation of the harnesses.

Labeling and packaging: once all the quality tests have been passed, our expert staff performs the corresponding labeling for packaging.

Do you have more questions about AMN’s Wiring service?

We know that the specialization of the industry is constant, that’s why our team is at your disposal to provide you with the best guidance. It’s time to receive the highest quality harnesses, with AMN in your equipment there will be no room for failures.

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