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What is the automotive industry?

The automotive industry comprises the entire industrial value chain whose ultimate goal is producing and selling motor vehicles. This industrial sector includes design, planning, component manufacturing, assembly, and trade companies.

The automotive industry does not only produce private vehicles; this sector also has work vehicles, cargo vehicles, and passenger buses.

This sector is considered one of the most important due to its constant improvement of processes, incentive for innovation, and development of new technologies.

This last point has led the automotive industry to occupy 30% of the existing robotic stations in the world, making it one of the most automated industries. Consequently, its progress has developed other industries, particularly the robotics sector, of which it is the main driver.

Industries such as electronics, information technology, metalworking, glass, and plastics have benefited from the economic spillover and development of the automotive sector due to its enormous consumption of primary products.

Growth of the automotive industry in Mexico and the United States.

The automotive industry is vital in the places where it is installed. In Mexico, this industrial branch marked a historic event in 2018, becoming the country’s most significant contributor to GDP, just ahead of the steel industry.

A century ago, the first company linked to this sector arrived in the country. It was a Buick automobile factory, followed by General Motors and other companies. At that time, the country became a key point for the industry.

A global manufacturing chain has been built in the United States and Canada. The North American region is rated as one of the three automotive manufacturing powers, along with China and the European Union.

In Mexico, the industry has developed at an accelerated pace and has increased the technological demand. Faced with this need, the supply industry in cities such as Juarez, Tijuana, Laredo, and Queretaro have also bet on developing better alternatives for their link in the value chain. Today, the Mexican industry is one of the most competitive and professionalized internationally.

Due to its characteristics, the automotive industry also requires strategic geographic spaces; such is the case of Mexico’s northern border, which due to its proximity to the United States, becomes a necessary option when planning the location of new plants.

This proximity relationship is also reflected in economic data, as the North American country represents 70% of the exports related to this industry.

For the northern part of Mexico, this has been reflected in thousands of new jobs and the adoption of “cluster” schemes, where business groups collaborate to increase productivity, efficiency, and training in the area.

How does AMN Quality Solutions contribute to the Automotive Industry?

The vehicle value chain is becoming increasingly complex as it involves hundreds of companies and regulatory agencies. Several companies are integrated into this ecosystem, providing advanced manufacturing, logistics, quality inspections, and electronic components.

For the AMN team, this competitiveness is fruitful, as this has led us to constantly train, improve processes, and adopt new technological advances quickly. This is to achieve a standard of excellent practices that are reflected in our operations as well as in those of our customers.

Values such as innovation, quality, and excellence have shown us to be the ideal way for fair use of materials, better use of production processes, impeccable logistics, and high efficiency.

Which AMN services meet the needs of the automotive industry?

AMN is aware of the main focuses within the industry and has created different solutions that adapt to each link in the production chain.

Our services range from product manufacturing, advanced manufacturing, rework, quality inspection services, 3PL logistics services, packagingpackaging, CS1, CS2, GP12 containment, and industrial storage services.

Are you in the automotive industry and need support from certified companies?

The AMN team is always interested in supporting people linked to the automotive sector. If you have any questions, you can contact us, and our team will always be available to answer your questions.

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