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What is the household appliance sector?

The appliance industry is the sector dedicated to generating products used in the home that have electricity as the primary energy source. Within the range of products that are manufactured are refrigerators, washing machines, dishwashers, stoves, and microwave ovens.

Due to their wide range, home appliances fall into two categories; major and minor.

Significant appliances are heavy items that are difficult to move, such as appliances, refrigerators, stoves, or conventional ovens. On the other hand, products that are easier to move are called minor items. This category includes mixers, electric cookers, and blenders, among others.

The participation of Mexico and the United States in the household appliance

industry The household appliance industry represents a great source of investment and employment for Mexico, where thanks to its specialization, it has stood out in the world market.

Currently, Mexico is the leading exporter of this industry in Latin America and the fifth place worldwide, surpassing powers such as the United States or South Korea.

In specific data, the country is the first place in the export of refrigerators with freezers with separate doors, second place in the export of air conditioners and electric water heaters, and third place in the export of washing machines with a capacity greater than 10 kg.

Mexican states have become essential agents within their production chain for international companies such as Whirlpool. Entities such as Baja California, Chihuahua, Nuevo León, CDMX, and Tamaulipas are seen as critical points for the appliance industry due to their trained workforce and proximity to the United States.

Another important factor that attracts companies is access to cutting-edge technologies and production processes that Mexican suppliers have developed.

AMN’s contribution to the appliance industry

AMN, a company with extensive coverage in Mexico and the United States, is aware of the needs that arise. Local goods and service providers due to the demanding demand. That is why for 30 years, it has developed quality services, manufacturing, technology, and Logistics that drive entrepreneurs to continue connecting with the global market.

‘s team of professionals AMN the culture of excellence and quality that exists in the manufacture of appliances. For this reason, it is in constant training to provide the quality services your company needs, detecting errors from the first stage of production, manufacturing the necessary components, and even giving your products decent transport.

Give your clients the confidence to work only with the best and keep your reputation growing, thanks to AMN. Contact us, and our team will solve all your doubts.

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