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Product Manufacturing

Product Manufacturing

Process Manufacturing production has undergone significant changes thanks to the combination of specialized labor with high technology. Increasingly, production companies hire their show, relying on the ability and experience of professionals dedicated to the trade.

The manufacturing production process Manufacturing

Production is a process that obeys different elements, such as the industrial sector to which it corresponds, which determines its nature and characteristics. When we talk about industrial production, we cover other industries that have the following factors in common:

  • They are based on the transformation of raw materials into more complex products
  •  They use qualified labor
  •  They have technologies at their disposal that help in the process
  •  Quality standards govern them

Some manufacturing sectors are more inclined than others to contract their production. Among the most common, we find:

  • Appliances and technological products
  •  Automotive
  •  industry Textile industry
  •  Medical and scientific equipment

Advanced complexity products are manufactured in specific conditions, such as production lines. High efficiency, large-scale production, and cost reduction characterize these.

Production lines

Although the concept of production lines is not new, the field of manufacturing has been impacted by the combination of human capacity with the help of technology. In this way, maquila has become an industry capable of supplying increasingly complex sectors.

AMN Quality Solutions offers you a wide range of manufacturing services, adapting to the needs of the market:

Associated Manufacturing or Associated Manufacturing

It consists of providing the manufacturing production, which can be contacted at any stage of the process until the final elaboration of the product. This strategy allows producers to reduce their costs and increase their profit margins.

Arrival advise or Soft Landing

It is the provision of consulting services to new companies from abroad in the process of establishing their production plants in the Mexican territory. This way, international producers can gain legal experience and knowledge of the market and reduce the risk margin of entry.

Protected production or Selther Manufacturing

It is a strategy that allows foreign companies to associate to carry out their manufacturing production without having to create a new company.

In this way, the client can focus on their primary functions and quality goals while receiving support in labor and tax aspects, among others.

Thanks to our focus on innovation, we offer customized solutions globally.

International quality and innovation

Our commitment is to provide practical solutions with technology and knowledge. We have Certifications ISO13485, IATF 16946, and Accreditation of NADCAP. Among our international clients are Volkswagen, BOSCH, and Yazaki. Do not hesitate to contact us to help optimize your company’s production.

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