Receipt and storage of materials

Receipt and storage of materials

Manage the existence of jit jis materials with an inventory survey

If you want to know exactly the quantity of JIT JIS materials in your company, a survey of physical inventories. It is a process in which all merchandise, raw material, and stored products can be accurately accounted for. Thus, the company will be able to know if it needs more elements from the supplier and how much production capacity it has.

This type of service offered by AMN guarantees an efficient audit of everything accountable in the company. The mission is to be able to have an exact number of the inventory of goods and merchandise handled in the warehouses. All with the presence of trained personnel who offer a complete, orderly and detailed report of the results.

Why is it necessary to know the number of JIT JIS materials in the company?

Every company that uses JIT JIS materials depends on how much they have to ensure constant production. When there is not enough material, it is necessary to contact suppliers, or production lines will stop. With this exhaustive and precise count, it will be possible to have a clearer idea of ​​the short or long-term future of the different processes.

With AMN It is guaranteed that the inventory survey is accurate and carried out by professionals. This way you can have a report with every detail necessary to be able to know the existence of the materials you have.

Benefits offered by the physical inventory survey

This type of inventory survey must be done at least once a year. In this way, it will be possible to have precise control of the stocks within the company to be able to continue producing. Among the main benefits offered by this service, we can mention:

  • The company will remain profitable by knowing its existence
  • It will be possible to analyze sales patterns for sales prediction
  • Unexpected events can be dealt with when they occur
  • That the numbers coincide with those that already are digitized
  • Obtain products that are in poor condition

Actions to be carried out within the inventory of JIT JIS materials

Once the inventory that we offer at AMN for JIT JIS materials, a series of processes will be carried out. These will be the necessary ones to be able to have all the information related to the company’s materials. Among these actions are the following:

  • That all digital goods are stored, with numerical accuracy
  • Each of the variants of existing materials is weighed, measured, and recorded. This is ordered by class, type of merchandise, and other existing variables.
  • It will be possible to have a precise calculation of the inventory and the future processes that can be elaborated.

With this, AMN guarantees an effective result within the company to know the stock. From this, decisions about the need for more materials or products. In addition to also having information about possible materials that have defects or failures.

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