CS1 and CS2 controlled shipments

CS1 and CS2 controlled shipments

In cases where a defective product is shipped, controlled shipments of CS1 and CS2 must be executed. This type of service is applied in cases where the client receives non-conforming or defective products. Therefore, it is necessary to take a series of actions that help prevent this from happening again.

Within AMN we apply this service to guarantee that the reputation of the company is not affected. The applied CS1 will seek a rigorous and exhaustive review of 100% of the product that is defective. On the other hand, CS2 is an even deeper inspection, at 200%, in case CS1 doesn’t fix the problem.

What benefits are offered with CS1 and CS2 controlled shipments?

It is important to know that CS1 and CS2 controlled shipments are often related to experience and track record. The knowledge that the company has when delivering a product to its customers will depend on this. Something that has developed a reputation for product deliveries and that it seeks to maintain at a good level.

AMN seeks that all defects and failures are avoided so that they meet the standards specified by customers. All through advice and follow-up that helps to achieve the true needs that exist.

The main benefits of the CS1 and CS2 controlled shipping service

If you want effective solutions, it is important to have a quality service that guarantees good results. For that, it is necessary to know the benefits obtained with a controlled shipment like the one we mentioned. Among them are the following:

  • Significant savings results obtained
  • the Problems can be detected from the beginning so that they do not continue to occur
  • applied More rigorous measures so that defects occur in the future
  • bewill create a plan to prevent, control, and eliminate the risk of possible failures.

It is time to apply solutions with controlled shipments CS1 and CS2 to your company.

It is necessary that the services of controlled shipments CS1 and CS2 whenever failures are detected. These can occur when the customer frequently receives products that do not meet their needs. In addition to this, vendors may also ship faulty products that need to be evaluated in detail. At AMN we will ensure that this type of service is executed with the greatest possible rigor. Thus, it will be possible to have a positive result in both phases of the service and that the client obtains an effective product. In addition, the company will be able to maintain a good reputation by making shipments that meet their needs.

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