Hand Carrier Services

Hand Carrier Services

Without a doubt, hand carry has become an ideal alternative when a company faces a possible large loss due to the lack of merchandise. In AMN our service leads the sector, differentiated by immediacy so that for no reason your production stops and you have to incur losses.

What is a hand carry?

The hand carries consists of a personalized express courier service designed to transport goods or parts of industrial production. It is optimized to solve situations of great demand and urgency, which can affect certain specific industries such as:

  • The automotive sector
  • The production of machinery
  • The petrochemical sector
  • Technological products

Normally these are essential elements for the supply chain of a company, without which it would be faced with stopping its production chain. The specifics of the service can make its provision not an alternative for any logistics company in the market.

What makes hand-carry different?

The hand-carry is characterized by operating in situations of extreme urgency. In such a situation, the costs and procedures for using the hand-carry are notably lower than stopping the production processes. Normally, the productivity of a company can largely depend on this service.

Among the specific characteristics that this type of parcel represents, we find the following:

  • The transporter must be a person: In this case, it is not a company that carries out different transfers and orders different operators and vehicles.
  • The merchandise must remain under the control of the carrier throughout the journey: The person in charge is required to be responsible for the parcel throughout its entire journey, from receipt to delivery. Hence the concept of hand-carry or manual transport.
  • It may not only be by land: In fact, the type of industries that require the service is characterized by requiring the air transport of elements that are produced in other countries. In this way, it consists of a type of land-air-land route.
  • Certification required: Not just any logistics company can handle this type of delivery. A government certification is required as Authorized Economic Operator (OEA) and joint work with a customs agent to carry out a registration and export type different from what a common passenger would have to do.

Due to these characteristics, it is advisable to establish a hand carry with a reputable company. This must be prepared to act urgently at the time of the demand. At ANM we are prepared to provide you with the best service when your industry requires it.

Specialized logistics services for your company

At ANM we are experts in handling materials and parts related to the automotive and technology sectors. We have innovative logistics solutions to meet the productivity needs of your business. Our services include the hand carrier with the necessary certification to make your international shipments quickly.

Does your company need a Hand Carrier service that meets immediacy and quality?

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