Rework service

Rework service

AMN Quality Solutions offers you the best rework service to recover your investments.

Thanks to technological advances, there are many improvements in quality processes. However, there is also the possibility of some damage in handling materials or defects from manufacturing.

Our team of professionals is trained to help you repair damage in record time based on established quality standards.

Please tell us your proposal, and we will carry out the Rework. Contact us!

Do you have parts with defects that need a rework? We help you

When our clients recognize they have difficulties with their interests and need a rework, they do not hesitate to hire our service. The AMN Quality Solutions is deployed in Mexico and the US locations, supervising the containment and elimination of defective parts.

We have warehouses that can transport parts safely. Then our specialists will classify, understand and rework the flaws in the pieces.

If you need a guaranteed rework, here, we do not deliver parts that have not been supervised and previously marked with our seal of approval of quality.

How does the rework service contribute to your company?

The Rework is implemented in almost all production lines in the industrial sector. Therefore, a sorting company’s support is essential to inspect the quality of the processes or products, define these conditions, and solve them immediately.

Our main objective is to verify that your company’s batch of parts meets the established quality standards. If not, we concentrate on achieving the specified parameters’ scope. 

Benefits of hiring our rework service

the Rework consists of correcting faults or defects in products or services that do not meet quality standards. By implementing this service, you enjoy the following benefits:

  • Reduces process costs and minimizes the cost of non-optimal quality products.
  • Multiply the number of satisfied customers.
  • Increase confidence in your company’s products.
  • Reduce costs scrap.

So, if you want to maintain quality in your company, don’t hesitate to contact us; we will gladly assist you.

Learn to identify if your company needs our rework service.

If you are frequently detecting flaws in the quality of your products, contact us. We are willing to recover your pieces and reduce costs due to scrap.

Call us in case of presenting:

Defects due to the appearance
● Inadequate coloration.● Little or excessive shine in the product.● Scratches.● Cleanliness of materials.● Cracks.● Other common defects.
Functional defects
● Missing elements.● Adjustments.● Coating.● Other imperfections.

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