GP12 contention services

GP12 contention services

The GP-12 Containment is part of the group of services within Early Production Containment. These are intended to offer quality control that can detect errors in parts, materials, or products within a production. Thus, it can be guaranteed that the final result will be as expected and that it will have the best quality for the client.

In AMN we want this service to be efficient to find any fault in the production lines. That is why the process is applied to all those new and modified parts that are used in a project. Thus, the containment plan will serve to create reports where immediate action can be taken on these failures.

What is the purpose of the GP-12 restraints?

Once the GP-12 containments, an item approval process can begin. All branded products will go through a pre-launch program where they will be thoroughly evaluated. This reporting will ensure a launch plan where the outcome is correct.

A positive result can be achieved that ends up improving confidence in the production lines. In addition to this, products shipped at a good level are guaranteed, to meet the expectations of the client.

Additional benefits of the GP12 containment

service This containment service AMN offers a group of benefits such as those mentioned below:

  • Each one of the assembly and manufacturing centers within the parts warehouses will be protected
  • There will be detailed documentation stating the supplier’s efforts to verify the entire manufacturing process
  • The increase will be noticeable in the visibility and participation of the provider

. What to take into account when contracting the AMN service?

If you want AMN to review the processes of your production lines, it is necessary to take certain aspects into account. With each of them you can determine how effective you want the process to be and the cost it may have. Among them are:

  • The duration of the entire service
  • The number of inspectors that will be used to inspect the elements
  • How many pieces will be inspected and certified
  • The hours in which they will work
  • The tools that will be used and if they will be provided by the client

All this is fundamental so that the development of AMN can be complete at the moment of carrying out the analyses. Thus, an effective result will be achieved when inspecting the production lines.

Increase your customers’ confidence with the GP-12 restraints service

The importance of the GP-12 restraints for companies with production lines is clear. So do not hesitate to call AMN to be able to request this type of aid that will give your clients more confidence. An effective service that will detect any type of failure that exists before reaching the hands of users.

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