What is the REPSE in México?

More than a legal procedure, the REPSE is the endorsement of the responsibility of the companies providing services to third parties. Significantly, of all those companies that want to provide quality specialized assistance in Mexico.

All companies need to understand the conditions of this procedure and the importance of complying with it. Next, clarify every doubt about it.

What is the REPSE, and what is its purpose?

The REPSE is the abbreviated form of the Registry of Providers of Services or Specialized Works. This registry was created under presidential decree No. 6866, issued in July 2021.

This decree requires specialized assistance companies to register and enter the Public Registry of Contractors. The statistical pattern is intended to:

  • Identify and regularize the physical or legal persons responsible for providing outsourcing services.
  • Guarantee compliance with the labor, customs, and tax duties of those responsible.

Who must comply with this registration document?

The REPSE involves any organization that performs services or specialized technical tasks for third parties. However, they also put their employees under the order of the contractors to carry out work in their facilities.

They include surveillance, construction, cleaning, transportation, outsourcing administrative activities, and others. All these companies must have this registration and can renew it every three years.

How does this regulation benefit me as an entrepreneur?

If you are a business provider of external services, you must comply with the registration because it is mandatory to continue operating. Also, it would be best if you kept in mind that:

  • This requirement will give your company greater credibility when bidding for services and expand business opportunities.
  • Your sense of social, labor, and fiscal responsibility will be strengthened.
  • By doing so, you will help the nation in its fight against fraudulent businesses.
  • Now, if you are the employer who hires you, you should consider the REPSE as a selection guide since hiring already-registered companies will favor you in the following:
  • You will have the peace of mind of negotiating with legal and regulated companies.
  • The security of receiving a certified and expert service.
  • Reduction of the possibility of labor and service provision inconveniences, better securing your investments.
  • You will help Mexico in its fight against fraud and corruption.

Non-compliance with the REPSE disadvantages

Ignoring this record carries penalties for all those involved, both the supplier and the contracting employer. This is established in articles 14 and 15 of the well-known outsourcing reform.

Some of these sanctions correspond to the payment of fines of more than 4,00,000 Mexican pesos and the disqualification of invoices. On the other hand, companies will be subject to tax review and suspected of carrying out fraudulent operations.

Benefits of working with a regulated and certified company

Working with a legal and duly certified association guarantees the hiring of reliable, honest, and optimized services. In detail, this type of company is characterized by the following:

  • Providing a highly specialized and qualified service because it is committed to learning and training staff. This fact can be monitored in the REPSE by competent security entities.
  • You are assuming your investment in operational inputs, tools, transportation, and others.
  • It ensures the right of each employee to be guided by regulatory bodies.
  • We are complying with the corresponding tax payments.

All these signs of transparency and responsibility favor the investment of a quality specialized service.

How to check that a company is certified?

According to the Tax Administration Service (SAT), certified companies must be registered with the SAT and the IMSS. You can check the certification and registration of a company on the SAT website by entering the CURP and RFC.

At AMN Quality Solutions, abiding by the legality of the processes is essential. Well, it leads to the common good of those directly involved and, even further, of final consumers and all of Mexico.

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