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What is the REPSE in México? (2023)

AMN Quality Solutions: Certified in REPSE from Day One

Have you heard of REPSE in Mexico? It is a crucial issue for all companies that provide specialized services to third parties in the country. But what exactly is REPSE?

In short, REPSE is a certification that guarantees the responsibility of service provider companies. But it goes beyond being just a legal requirement: it guarantees quality and commitment to customers.

Therefore, all companies must understand the conditions of this process and comply with its requirements. In this way, they can demonstrate their commitment to excellence and safety in their operations.

Do you have doubts about REPSE? At AMN, we explain one of the regulations that endorse the quality of our work and the services we offer to our clients.

What is REPSE, and what is its purpose?

The Registry of Specialized Service Providers or Works (REPSE) is a legal obligation that requires companies providing specialized services to third parties in Mexico to register and enter the Public Contractors Registry. This registry was created under Presidential Decree No. 6866, issued in July 2021.

The main objective of REPSE is to identify and regulate the physically or morally responsible parties who provide outsourcing services and ensure compliance with such responsible parties’ labor, customs, and tax obligations.

This registry is more than just a legal requirement; it guarantees quality and commitment to customers and demonstrates the company’s commitment to excellence and safety in its operations.

If you are a company that hires service providers in Mexico, you must ensure that your suppliers have the REPSE certification. This way, you confirm that your business partners comply with all the necessary regulations and requirements, which protects you and your company from possible legal and tax risks.

So, don’t think twice; verify that your providers have the REPSE certification. Your business and your customers will thank you!

Who needs to comply with this registry on the roster?

Suppose you are looking for specialized service providers in Mexico. In that case, it is essential to know who needs to comply with the Registry of Specialized Service Providers or Works (REPSE) to ensure that you work with companies that comply with all the necessary regulations and requirements.

REPSE applies to any organization that provides specialized technical services or work to third parties and places its employees at the disposal of contractors to perform work at their facilities. This includes surveillance, construction, cleaning, transportation, administrative activities through outsourcing, etc.

It is important to note that all these companies must have the REPSE registry, which must be renewed every three years. If you are considering working with a specialized service company, ensure they have this registry and are up to date with all corresponding tax and labor obligations.

Why is it essential to work with REPSE-certified companies?

If you are looking for external service providers, it is crucial that you understand what REPSE is and the importance of working with certified companies. By hiring registered companies, you will obtain significant benefits, such as:

Peace of mind in negotiating with legal and regulated companies that comply with established laws and regulations. The assurance of receiving a certified and high-quality service, as these companies must have trained personnel and the necessary tools to provide specialized services. Reduction of potential labor and service provision issues, ensuring better protection of your investments. You will also be helping the country fight against fraud and corruption, which benefits all citizens.

If you are a business owner who offers specialized services, you must register to continue operating. Besides complying with a legal requirement, there are other important reasons to consider:

The REPSE certification will increase your company’s credibility when bidding for a service and open new business opportunities for you. By registering, you will demonstrate a greater sense of social, labor, and tax responsibility, helping you build a reliable and committed company image. You will also contribute to the country’s fight against fraudulent business practices, which benefits everyone.

Consequences of not complying with the REPSE registration

Non-compliance with the REPSE registration can have severe consequences for all parties involved, including the service provider and the contractor.

In this sense, the outsourcing reform establishes in articles 14 and 15 the corresponding sanctions for those who do not comply with this registration.

Fines can be more than 4 million Mexican pesos and may include billing disqualification. In addition, the company in question will be subjected to tax review, which can be interpreted as a signal of fraudulent operations.

The importance of complying with the REPSE certification lies in the social, fiscal, and labor responsibility involved in working with registered and regulated companies. Therefore, all companies that provide specialized services to third parties must comply with this requirement to avoid negative consequences for all parties involved.

Benefits of working with a regulated and certified company

When hiring specialized services, looking for regulated and accredited companies is essential. Working with these types of associations not only guarantees the quality of service but also provides greater confidence in the transparency and accountability of the company.

What benefits can you expect when working with a REPSE-certified company?

Highly trained and specialized personnel in their field. Commitment to investing in operational inputs, tools, transportation, and other necessary aspects to perform their work. Compliance with labor and tax rights corresponding to their employees. Greater confidence in the service’s quality and transparency results in a safer and more satisfying investment.

How to verify a company’s certification in REPSE?

To ensure the hiring of reliable and quality services, it is essential to verify that the supplier company is correctly certified in REPSE. Fortunately, the verification process is quite simple.

According to the Tax Administration Service (SAT), certified companies must be registered with SAT and IMSS. To check their certification, you can access the SAT website and enter the CURP and RFC of the company.

At AMN Quality Solutions, complying with the legality of processes is a fundamental principle. We understand that this benefits those directly involved, final consumers, and the country. Therefore, we always ensure that we have all the necessary certifications so that your operations are carried out in an environment of legality and maximum quality.

AMN Quality Solutions is a certified service provider under REPSE regulations since its inception. We do not engage in the provision or facilitation of certification. Our focus is on delivering quality solutions and supporting your process improvement.

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