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What is PPAP in the quality process?

The PPAP is a requirement of the IATF 16949:2016 certification and is also one of the automotive sector’s main tools to guarantee reliability and quality. Specifically in the manufacturing processes of the pieces handled in this sector.

Undoubtedly, it is an interesting requirement that deserves proper attention and due knowledge. For this reason, we have compiled some interesting data in this space.

What is PPAP? What is it for?

The PPAP is a terminology that identifies a quality process in the automotive sector that meets a particular ISO definition. In other words, the vocabulary above defines the following:

● The Production Part Approval Process (PPAP).

The acronym translates: To product Part Approval Process and is called Core Tools. This is a standardized instrument used to manage the reliable industrialization of vehicle parts and components.

● IATF 16949:2016. 

This code refers to the QMS standard (Quality Management Systems) defined for the automotive sector and is based on the ISO 9001 specialty standard.

The PPAP methodology guarantees the efficiency of manufacturing, modification, or restoration of automobile components. The process involves everything related to the industrialization of the product between customers and suppliers.

PPAP execution requirements

In compliance with the PPAP, manufacturers must deliver specific documentation that guarantees the customer the efficient evolution of manufacturing. These assigned documents embody design features, engineering modification, control methods, product models, and sample guides.

In the same way, the quality programs and manufacturing standards used to make the pieces are included.

Importance of using PPAP to quality in manufacturing

Using the PPAP guide in the automotive manufacturing sector lets you increase the efficiency of the work carried out. On the other hand, having a product inspection and specification plan linked to the QMS allows for the following:

  • Minimize the margins of error.
  • Obtain analytics and metrics for the best decision-making.
  • Close the possibility of defective parts reaching the customer’s hands.

In this sense, the PPAP is the pillar of the automotive sector suppliers interested in satisfying the client, providing confidence in the final result.

The projection of processes and the quality of manufacturing

Another of the main tools in the automotive industry involves a process planning and design model. This is called Advanced Product Quality Planning (APQP).

The APQP can be seen as a technical guide that allows the supplier to manage and plan the automotive manufacturing processes. In addition, it serves as a communication pattern of results between manufacturers and customers.

While the PPAP is a guide to quality assurance, with the APQP, the steps to achieve it are planned. In general, advanced planning of efficiency and quality contemplates the management of feedback, evaluations, and corrective actions. For its execution, the following phases are carried out:

  • Design and projection of the program or development method
  • Description and manufacture of the pieces.
  • Design and development of maneuvers.
  • Validation of the result and the executed program.
  • Assessment and corrective management.

Quality control in the automotive industry

Becoming suppliers recognized for the reliability of the maneuvers and the satisfaction of the results offered is a great challenge. This is due to the demands of the automobile industry.

Completing the PPAP correctly saves OEMs, Tier 1, TIER 2, and TIER 3 time and money. However, not meeting the PPAP wholly and correctly can result in wasted time and money due to failures and recalls.

On this requirement rests the importance of using the possible resources that guarantee the reliability and quality of the techniques. For this reason, we serve up to the challenges at AMN Quality Solutions by offering practical solutions of recognized quality. As a result, the companies we serve maintain the highest standards.

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