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What is Just in Time in logistics?

In logistics, the Just in time methodology (JIT) is an inventorial conduct that advocates for manufacturing efficiency. The fabric should complete a production cycle in the expected time and the right amount. The expression, Just in time, refers to achieving the best possible results with opportune deliveries.

The system’s purpose is to decrease the production budget and eliminate the losses of stored products due to distinct factors. With this system, companies work with confirmed orders and not on sales predictions as in other cases.

The Just in time methodology principles and objectives

The Just in time methodology characteristics are the following:

●      Waste reduction or its complete absence. It is about not letting losses be present in the process. Unproductive elements, both material and human, are a waste of money. It is essential to simplify and control assembly to achieve a process that uses just what is necessary.

●      Competitive employees in all areas: The factories working with the Just in time system seek to create a work team in which everyone can manipulate the different machinery in the factory.

●      Production Pull: The production should achieve the client’s demand and not overdevelop production. Assembly should pair the demand, not the other way around.

●      Close relationship with suppliers and distributors: This relationship will allow your company to make last-minute changes to orders.

JIT has many advantages, as you may have already realized. Above all, it saves money and time by avoiding overproduction and merchandise storage.

How to implement the just In time methodology in a company’s logistics?

A company needs to meet a series of requirements to implement the method. The warehouse must have a layout design. It may include short routes for forklifts. This way, the merchandise flow within the same warehouse is more effortless.

It is also essential to establish a transparent storage system. In search of greater efficiency, we recommend that you automate, allowing you to maintain automatic control over stocks. You can use clad-rack warehouses or Miniload systems for light loads.

Control over inventory has paramount importance. The above conditions are necessary to achieve a better infrastructure. An error in stock calculations and available merchandise will be equivalent to misaligning the supply and assembly process and, therefore, the total system failure.

What are the challenges in implementing the Just in Time method?

Just In Time production not only has benefits but also presents challenges. Being a thrifty practice intended to be efficient, it must be brief and fast. So, the downsides we’re talking about are the challenges in maintaining that system.

Not all processes depend on the company. Therefore, an important responsibility lies in the supplier. Which should comply with using this same system. Another relevant challenge could be an increase in the demand for the product or the raw material prices.

What is the Just In Time methodology future in logistics?

Despite its risks, the Just In Time method is a dominant technique in future logistics. The contemporary world is turning to reduce resources in all human activity areas.

Proof of this is how we consume content through the internet. Everything is personalized, segmented, and fair, just like this production policy that aims to eliminate the non-existing inventory.

The JIT inventory management system only needs to achieve perfection while not incurring catastrophic risks for the companies that use it. Once we overcome these problems, JIT will look like the future logistics policy.

AMN JIT Service

The Toyota production system, among other companies, has implemented JIT in its strategies. They have hired extra staff or another company´s services to sustain this method. In this case, other companies, such as AMN, offer material receipt and storage services.

This company’s objectives include manufacturing, classification, inspections, and rework. All these processes incorporate guaranteed quality and the latest technology.

As mentioned before, strict inventory control is necessary to keep your production line flowing and stop wasting money. With AMN, you can conduct an exhaustive audit of all the material you store. The qualified workers’ team guarantees an efficient process to deliver a complete and detailed results report.

More advantages arrive from acquiring this service than a resource calculation. The provided final statement will serve as a sales prediction to detect possible losses in the following product lines.

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