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Victor Corella participates in 4th CANACINTRA Board Meeting

Last Thursday, August 4, Victor Corella, director of AMN and active advisor of CANACINTRA Juárez, participated in the 4th Board Meeting of the body representing the Juarez industrial sector. Corella, together with the National Chamber of the Transformation Industry, has proactively promoted the development of the industry in the border region, participating in summits or organizing various events where local entrepreneurs and international companies are related.

This edition of the council meeting was also attended by the current Municipal President of Ciudad Juárez, Cruz Pérez Cuellar, who was asked to be part of the Chamber’s efforts to improve the local industry. With the intervention of Jesús Manuel Salayandia, president of CANACINTRA, three critical points were pointed out for business-industry-government cooperation: 

  • Socialize the Supply Law initiative.
  • Training by Civil Protection to recycling companies or related areas.
  • Cooperation in the following industrial developments that arrive in the region.

The event also provided space for civil associations such as Girasoles AC, RENACE, and Vive Mujer AC, who shared their perspective on how vital and beneficial collaboration with the Juarez business community can be.

At AMN, we are proud of what was generated in this edition of the Council Meeting. We congratulate Hubbell Juárez for being the host on this occasion, offering its facilities for holding events like this and offering a guided tour to the attendees, and demonstrating that openness exists and cooperation will be successful if all parties are constantly involved.

We also congratulate all the participants and committed citizens, like Victor Corella, on developing their city and local, state, and national suppliers.

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