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Variosystems and AMN join forces in the manufacture of harnesses

This month at AMN Juarez, we were fortunate to have the presence of representatives from Vision systems, a leading electronic services provider. Benny Perdigon, Sourcing Manager; Patricia Moya, Purchasing Coordinator; and Humberto Varela, Sourcing Department, came to AMN’s facilities to know our high-quality processes and facilities, which meet all the world’s industry standards.

The main reason for this meeting was to create a strategic alliance between Visionsytem and AMN Quality Solutions based on our manufacturing service of electrical harnesses, which has attracted attention thanks to its high efficiency and quality. This alliance is thanks to our search for collaboration opportunities with German companies, driven by Victor Corella and the great team of AMN.

Wiring Harness Service

At AMN Quality Solutions, we have assembled the knowledge and equipment necessary to accomplish our appliance harness manufacturing services. Our rigorous testing and quality procedures ensure that every component of our harnesses is fully functional and operates efficiently. 

In addition, our customer-oriented approach allows us to focus on exceeding expectations regarding quality, reliability, and service. With more than three decades of experience behind us, we are confident that we have the know-how to deliver world-class service that consistently exceeds what customers have come to expect from us. 

Whether you need custom-designed harnesses or need to scale your production, AMN Quality Solutions is here to help you get the most out of your cabling systems. 

Variosystems and AMN

When Variosystems, one of the world’s leading electronic service providers, decided to expand its operations, it needed to carefully select a partner that could help ensure its success in a new market. After exploring several potential candidates and carefully analyzing their strengths and weaknesses, Variosystems decided on us, AMN Quality Solutions. 

At AMN, we have an excellent track record of working with international companies and top-quality wire harnesses manufactured in our state-of-the-art facilities. Thanks to our different locations in Mexico and the United States, AMN will be able to provide Variosystems with comprehensive support that will be critical for success in the competitive electronics market. 

In addition to this welcome visit to the Ciudad Juarez facility, the Variosystems team will also be able to tour our buildings in the city of Queretaro to get a complete overview of AMN’s operations.

Thus, by partnering with AMN Quality Solutions, Variosystems established a strong presence in the Mexican and U.S. market and demonstrated its ability to adapt and thrive even in new business environments.

Who is VarioSystems?

Variosystems is a global technology company specializing in developing and manufacturing next-generation electronic devices. Its products are used by businesses and consumers, ranging from smartphones and tablets to home security systems and smart home appliances. With decades of experience in the industry, Variosystems has earned a reputation for delivering products that are high quality, reliable, easy to use, and always at the forefront of technological innovation.

AMN, comprehensive services for the industry

At AMN Quality Solutions, we are driven by the search for quality in our processes and in the products of those who trust us. This constant search to always give the best has led us to develop for more than 30 years a path full of experience and satisfaction, creating links with companies worldwide. 

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