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Top 5 applications of nondestructive radiographic inspection

Nondestructive tests do not cause any damage or alteration in the piece that has been inspected. The object studied will be able to maintain its same physical quality without alteration.

This makes them vital within the industries since it allows better development in safe areas. They are procedures done with x-rays and adapt to new technologies. In many cases, they are the only inspection form in the automotive, appliance, and electronic sectors.

Nondestructive inspection What is it?

Nondestructive testing is highly relevant in industries that work with materials. Through them, inspections can be made that detect any failure in the equipment or assemblies without the need to open them. 

Within AMN, we take care of using a specialized X-ray tool that is used to see the assembled equipment. Through these, it is possible to detect possible failures and which are parts that meet the quality standards. In addition to those that must be worked.

Top 5 Uses for X-Ray Inspection in the Automotive/Electronics Industry X-ray

The inspection, also known as industrial radiography example:

1.   In the internal review of automotive components

You can quickly look inside each component without destroying it or altering its shape. Furthermore, thanks to its ability to penetrate a wide variety of materials, it can be used in inclusion analysis, porosity, assembly verification, and other applications in the sector.

2.   In validations and guarantees in manufacturing

Through this modern technology, manufacturing processes are validated, and the assembly of automotive parts is improved. The deviations that automotive engines can present are calculated.

It is also used to control the reliability of car components, such as engines and chassis.

3.   In assembly testing

X-rays and electromechanical assemblies can be checked quickly and without destroying them. This could be the future for direct machining correction and defect-free production.

Four.   For the recognition of components

It reviews electronic components and printed circuits in manufacturing and assembly. Through this x-ray, faults that cannot be seen during manufacturing are detected.

5.   In the detection of defects

Errors in the soldering process of an electronic part can be corrected, or defects in the internal layers of the circuit can be discovered.

Nondestructive testing and destructive

Nondestructive testing differs from destructive testing because the tests they perform do not affect structure or function. It keeps its benefits intact when the studies are over, which is considered one of its main advantages.

Instead, destructive ones can damage the part they are inspecting, and it may even suffer a slight mark or permanent deformation.

Quality control in household appliances and electronics

The tests are carried out in such a way that the usefulness of the material is not affected. In the case of electrical appliances and electronic products, their mission is to meet the necessary quality requirements. It must be ensured that the products offered to the user improve daily life.

The most used quality inspections are:

  • Harnesses
  • Electronic
  • boards Compressors
  • Electric motors 
  • Modules
  • Gasoline pumps
  • Others

Technology is at its peak. And it is necessary to offer qualified and certified products. The best way to dispose of them is through nondestructive tests that can be carried out on any material without affecting the properties that compose it. This way, you can respond to the challenges and needs you have in your industry.

AMN becomes your ally with nondestructive inspection

You can have a high-volume inspection capacity thanks to nondestructive review without destructive testing. In addition, an impression will be taken with radiographic photographs that help to understand the results better. All in a 24/7 service like the one offered by AMN within Mexico and the United States. 

Get a quote for this and other exclusive services your industrial plant deserves. 

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