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The biggest challenges of product quality control

What is quality control?

Quality control is a strategy that companies cannot ignore if their objective is to be competitive. Quality control inspects compliance with standards established by companies and regulatory agencies to guarantee quality to consumers and achieve optimum customer satisfaction. 

what is the quality control

Although factors such as size or age influence a company’s success, one of the most important aspects of competitiveness are quality, which involves the quality management of products or services, as well as a quality culture that consists of every member of the company.

One of the essential standards in quality supervision is ISO 9001; for maximum use, companies must adopt this culture in all their departments, processes, products, and services.

What is product quality control?

The quality inspection of a product is the review and compliance with the standards set by the company and the industry for that resource, here are evaluated from aesthetic details or attributes such as color, prints, prints, tears or visible flaws as well as variables that are different versions of the product; different colors, sizes or components.

what is the quality control

What is the quality control of a service?

Like products, the quality of service can be evaluated by considering its attributes and variables. The characteristics of a service can be the established deadlines or the quantitative aspects offered; the variables are the different adaptations the service has according to cost, customer, or availability.

How is quality controlled in the production area?

There are different production quality control techniques, but most are based on fundamental evaluation aspects.

  • Define the lot and a sample: The number of products to be inspected must be delimited to make the process efficient by using the data intelligently.
  • Based on the standard: before starting an evaluation, it is essential to establish the metrics that differentiate a Conforming product from a Non-Conforming one.
  • Establish the time of collection: a quality inspection can be performed at various times and parts of the process. At this stage, it is defined in which position it will be done: during production, at the beginning, or at the end.
  • Performs the inspection and filters: in this stage, it is necessary to separate the units that have defects from the Conforming ones; with this separation, it is also defined in the Non-Conforming material can be reworked or discarded.
  • Failure analysis: it is not only essential to detect failures, but it is also important to analyze what caused them.
  • Decisions based on data: after analyzing the failures and establishing which parts of the process the quality standards are not being achieved, it is necessary to propose strategies to improve the production process: change of equipment, personnel training, and even raw material.
what is the quality control

Main challenges in quality control

Implementing a quality control system without the necessary commitment can result in companies failing to realize the benefits. Many times after establishing a quality strategy come different challenges due to the lack of involvement of essential areas such as top management, archaic or disorderly methods in documentation, or no action on the results

Here are some of the main problems that companies face when they do not have integral quality control:

  • Top management is not involved in the implementation process: outsourcing quality services has proven to be the most effective strategy, however, to achieve the best results it is necessary that the company does not remain oblivious to this process and the data it provides.

“Sixty percent of organizations surveyed by the American Society for Quality (ASQ) in its “State of Global Quality 2016″ study stated that the vast majority of executives do not know or do not measure the financial impact of quality.”

  • Failing to document errors or doing so in a disorganized manner: the sole function of quality inspection is not to detect the mistakes, send them to rework or discard them. Optimal quality control will generate data on errors made to gain perspective on needed improvements and implement corrective actions.
  • Many companies can perform the entire process, but having scattered data on different platforms or not giving the proper follow-up can also hinder improvement.
  • Few audits and few reports: companies that implement audits yearly are not taking advantage of their resources; effective reviews should be frequent.
  • Lack of training and little knowledge of the product: people in charge of manufacturing should understand their job as much as possible; this will not only make them understand why to avoid bad practices but will lead to an improvement of the process from that angle.
  • Little attention to suppliers: often, the short time and blind trust in our suppliers make us overlook failures in the raw material, which can hinder our workflow.
  • Not having the same quality criteria in all areas and departments: product quality is not only the responsibility of the production area, all areas are involved, from Human Resources to logistics, if something is failing, it will probably contaminate the performance of other areas. Even the hiring of personnel must be done under the quality control criteria.
  • Consider the resources allocated to quality control as an expense: many finance departments do not consider the cost-benefit of investing in quality processes. The benefits of a well-implemented quality inspection can be seen in several aspects. Still, the most important ones are the reduction of expenses and the improvement of production times, which leads to a considerable improvement in profitability.

There is no doubt that not leaving your inspections in the hands of professionals can cause your company more quality problems than good results, so it is always advisable to turn to professionals with extensive experience and have correctly structured processes.
AMN has 30 years of experience in quality services, being part of the growth of companies that today compete worldwide, besides being the trusted quality suppliers of multinational companies that have found in AMN the professional support they needed to operate in Mexico and the United States.

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