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Strengthening Global Alliances: Our Experience at Expo Encuentro Querétaro

The 19th edition of the Industrial and Commercial Encounter Expo in Querétaro stands as one of the most significant events for the national industry. At AMN Quality Solutions, we fully grasp its significance and have identified attendance at this event as a pivotal opportunity to continue forging connections. Here, our relentless pursuit of quality and innovation intertwines with the loftiest industry goals, generating momentum for our economic growth and job creation.

Querétaro: A Strategic Hub

Strategically located in the heart of Mexico, Querétaro shares borders with industrially advanced states such as San Luis Potosí to the north, Guanajuato to the west, Hidalgo to the east, México to the southeast, and Michoacán to the southwest. This geographical positioning plays a pivotal role in its relevance to the industry. Proximity to multiple states facilitates logistical connectivity and access to diverse markets, transforming Querétaro into a critical node for business distribution and expansion in the central region of Mexico.

What Is Expo Encuentro Industrial and Commercial Querétaro?

Expo Encuentro Industrial and Commercial Querétaro is an event targeted at automotive, aerospace, appliance, and electrical-electronic professionals. This event gathers various products and services tailored specifically to these industries. Its centerpiece is the “Business Encounter,” a two-day platform that brings together representatives from buying companies interested in expanding, strengthening, and diversifying their supplier chain. Its 2023 edition took place on September 6th and 7th at the Querétaro Convention Center, providing an ideal environment for business exchange and opportunity creation.

Some key highlights of the nineteenth edition included the participation of 300 industry-leading companies, over 331 exhibitions, an attendance exceeding 7,000 individuals, and more than 100 buying companies.

The exhibition was divided into three pavilions: the Industrial Pavilion, focused on manufacturing, distribution, and industrial services; the Commercial Pavilion, where companies offer goods and services, including space for artisans and local producers; and the Technological Pavilion, promoting innovation and showcasing projects addressing industry challenges with innovative ideas.

Strategic and Future Sectors

The strategic sectors represented at the event encompass the automotive industry, metalworking, aerospace, appliance manufacturing, and electrical-electronic industries. Furthermore, sectors with substantial growth potential in the future, such as biotechnology, research services, information technologies, business support, and tourism, are on the horizon. This diversity of sectors represents a wide range of business and collaboration opportunities at Expo Encuentro.

Our Attendance at the Event

We are delighted to have had the opportunity to participate in this outstanding event. During this edition, representatives from our company, alongside Víctor Corella, founder, and director, established three exceptional encounters with internationally renowned companies: Tenneco, Mitsubishi, and Bosch.

These alliances serve as a testament to this event’s value to our operations, enabling us to strengthen our relationships with key global players. Attendance at this event has undeniably positively impacted our business, providing us with new growth and consolidation opportunities in a highly competitive market.

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Continuing to Support Initiatives That Drive the Mexican Industry

The role of the economy and the supply chain in Nearshoring becomes evident at events like Expo Encuentro Industrial and Commercial Querétaro. These platforms foster commercial exchange and promote strategic collaboration in the region.

Expo Encuentro highlights the importance of actively engaging in events where ideas, innovation, and business connections merge to create a more prosperous future. We will continue to seek opportunities to actively participate in these events and further strengthen our ties in the industry.

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