Machining and Stamping

Machining and Stamping

Many of the main industries require specific and complex parts for the correct assembly of their products. In addition to the high demand, it is necessary to create manufacturing techniques that become a fast and cost-effective option.

Faced with this need to quickly produce considerable quantities of specific parts, machining and stamping services are born. An alternative that has been able to meet the needs of industries such as automotive, electronics, and pharmaceutical, among others.

What are Machining and Stamping?

Industrial machining and stamping is a manufacturing process in which raw materials are molded to obtain specific shapes or forms. To achieve this, materials are cut, bent, or perforated.

This process is not done randomly, to achieve standardization in the results it is required a previous design of the parts through technology and even design software.

There are different ways of stamping, but the most famous techniques are:

Progressive stamping: It is composed of a series of stages or stations with specific functions, which together give shape to the pre-designed part. It is currently the most widely used technique.

Deep Draw Stamping: consists of molding ductile materials to generate concave parts. Materials such as brass, copper, steel, or aluminum are usually used in this technique.

AMN Machining and Stamping Services

At AMN we offer customized solutions according to your company’s needs. Thanks to a group of professionals in the industry, strategic allies of AMN, who make use of high technology, we can give you quick attention so that you can optimize your resources and your time, always with the guarantee that your products will have world-class quality.

Our service partner has managed to specialize in the manufacture of various parts from the stamping process, among which you can find:

Bushing, guide, and pivot: parts that reduce friction and vibration in products with rotating shafts. They are usually used in vehicle assembly.

Mount flange and drive: parts that allow easy disassembly of specific areas, such as pumps or tanks. 

Washer Flange, Thrust, and Spindle: these parts help balance axial loads and contribute to thrust.

Finger, Gripper Left, and Right: these parts help to hold other elements. They can be used in packaging or assembly areas.

Shaft, locator, and spacer reel: They allow the transfer of power between different poles. 

This is just a list of the variety of parts AMN is capable of producing. If you have any questions about how our machining and stamping services can help you, please do not hesitate to contact us.

The benefits for your company of employing a machining and stamping service

Your customers deserve the best products and to achieve this you must make use of quality materials in each of its assembly stations. 

Another key point of using parts manufactured with the best quality standards is that you will be able to generate great savings in your time, since you will not need corrections due to failures or damaged parts. This will also be reflected in the reduction of your operating costs. 

We make sure that the strictest operational standards are met in the manufacturing of your products.

Do you have any questions about our machining and stamping services?

You can contact us and our team of professionals will be willing to give you support and advice with your company.

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