Assembly and subassembly

Assembly and subassembly

If you are looking for best practices in production assembly and subassembly advanced AMN we have the solution you need. Assembly and subassembly services stand out in industrial production for providing a competitive advantage, adding value, and reducing costs.

What are production assembly and subassembly services?

services Assembly sub-assembly production consists of business practices aimed at reducing the costs and delivery times of industrial production.

Although the elementary chain of production implies that a single company produces, assembles, and markets its products, modern industries are based on specialization. In other words, in reality, many different companies participate at different times in the manufacture of the same product.

Some of the main advantages of delegating or contracting the assembly phase are:

  • The reduction of production costs
  • Increase in the quality of the process
  • Decrease in manufacturing times
  • Greater assembly capacity

On several occasions, the production assembly and subassembly must be contracted simply because each of the components of a product is made separately. An alternative that arises is that of sub-assembly, which allows optimization of the production process.


service Subassemblies consist of the manufacture of partial parts that will later be used to continue the manufacture of another product. This is a widespread practice in some industries such as automotive, aeronautics, and the production of medical equipment.

A higher degree of specialization allows a greater degree of knowledge and experience to be accumulated, which translates into the quality of the product. In addition to the specific industrial sector, a good production assembly and subassembly requires specificity regarding the handling of different types of materials.

To choose the best assembly and subassembly service, it is important to take into account some characteristics of the company that is hired.

How to choose the best service?

If you are looking for the best assembly workshop, you should consider the following criteria when choosing:

  • That the area of ​​​​expertise suits yours: Some companies specialize in different types of assembly. Different industries require having the right staff and facilities to handle different parts and materials.
  • The modernization of the process: Although manual production is highly competitive even in the most advanced industries, assembly and sub-assembly production greatly benefit from the integration of high technology.
  • Complimentary services: Facilities such as storage, maintenance, and transportation will contribute to cost reduction and compliance.

Having expertise in different industries and materials as well as a wide range of services is an advantage that AMN offers you.

Competitive advantage and higher quality

The manual assembly of high-tech products is one of the greatest competitive advantages offered by the industry. At AMN we specialize in the automotive and appliance sectors and we have Accreditation NADCAP as well as Certifications IATF 16946e ISO13485.

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