Destruction of Goods

AMN Destrucción de inventarios

The presence of unserviceable products in inventories can have a detrimental impact on the financial situation of the transformation industry. Inventory destruction is an essential measure that industries must undertake to destroy products that no longer have commercial value, have expired, are damaged, or do not meet established quality standards. This measure also applies when […]

Electronic Component Supply

In recent years, it has been shown that various factors can affect the supply chain of products or components related to the electronics industry. This is essential, as thousands of products currently require electronic components to function correctly. With this in mind, it is easy to understand that a problem affecting the electronics industry or […]

Electronic components supplier

In recent years, it has been shown that various factors can affect the supply chain of electronic industry-related products or components. This is a significant factor as thousands of products currently require electronic components to function correctly. As a result, a problem affecting the electronics industry or its distribution processes can escalate and impact nearly […]



It has become essential for the industry to find increasingly efficient and fast working methods that allow mass production and meet the quality demanded by the global industry. One of these processes contributing to smooth operations is Kitting, one of the services AMN offers its clients. What is Kitting? Kitting is a technique or strategy […]

Machine Vision


Machine system inspection is crucial in industry 4.0 and the intelligent industry. Using advanced machine vision systems and technology, defects, irregularities, and other manufacturing defects can be easily identified and resolved.  Machine vision combines image processing with industrial automation to create a fast, accurate, cost-effective solution to quality control. Whether used in production or post-production processes, […]

Electrical harnesses for household appliances


There are several components within the products we use daily, on which we rarely stop to reflect on their importance. One of these components is electrical harnesses. To the common eye, electrical harnesses are nothing more than a group of wires that run through all our appliances, but they are the backbone of our technologies. This wiring is responsible […]

Wiring Harness Manufacturing


Different industries have adapted technological progress in their products, making using materials that conduct electrical energy or information indispensable. One of these components is known as a wiring harness. What are wiring harnesses? Wiring harnesses are wiring systems, terminals, and connectors that transmit electrical signals and enable the activation of different functions in the product system into which they are integrated. In the aerospace industry, automobiles, computers, and even home appliances require the correct wiring harness to function and meet consumer […]

Machining and Stamping

Maquinaria y Estampado

Many of the leading industries require specific and complex parts for the correct assembly of their products. In addition to this enormous demand, there is also a need to create manufacturing processes that generate specialized functions quickly and cost-effectively. Machining and stamping services are born in response to these new industry dynamics and as a solution […]

Textile inspection (Trim Cover)

AMN Inspeccion vestiduras

We know that the industrial sector increases its quality standards every day, generating a culture of excellence where zero tolerance for defects prevails. At AMN we promote this value, as it makes the products generated in our regions of high quality. That quality of perfection must be present in every aspect of the products, giving […]

Quality sorting service

Sorteo inspección de calidad

AMN Quality Solutions is a leader and pioneer in sorting, rework, and advanced manufacturing, distinguished by enabling operational activities to be innovative and efficient. In addition, we are known for complying with all quality parameters, increasing your efficiency in less time. We have been in the processing and quality improvement industry for over 30 years. […]