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Textile inspection (Trim Cover)

Textile inspection (Trim Cover)

We know that the industrial sector increases its quality standards every day, generating a culture of excellence where zero tolerance for defects prevails. At AMN we promote this value, as it makes the products generated in our regions of high quality.

That quality of perfection must be present in every aspect of the products, giving them the importance they deserve. For this reason, our textile Inspection ensures that quality is also maintained in textiles, such as fabric, vinyl, and carpet.

Our experts carry out an exhaustive inspection, applying their expertise in the sector, added to the use of high technology, which allows us to create a detailed report to improve internal processes and avoid damage. This is immediately reflected in the improvement of the productive chain, an improvement in times, and the use of resources.

What solutions does of the inspection textile?

Input inspection (rolls): you can start your production with the guarantee that all the materials used meet the requirements and are in the best conditions. This improves your link with your suppliers. The early detection of non-compliant material will help you avoid pauses and delays in your production.

This inspection is thorough, so different stages have been classified: 

Measurement of lengths: that the fabrics meet the exact measurement you need.

Material quantity: it is common that by mistake you get less raw materials than you need, which can cause you great inconveniences. We make sure you receive the necessary amounts.

Bow Bias inspection: we make sure that your fabrics arrive in ideal conditions, avoiding arches or typical defects in the textile industry.

Shade inspection: exact verification of the color palette that your production needs.

Online inspection of textiles: your materials can be damaged during your production line, that is why we carry out a continuous. This also helps us to detect errors in the processes to offer you a preventive report.

Final inspection of textiles: the quality inspection that provides excellence must be maintained before, during, and at the end of the processes. With this exhaustive filter, non-compliant products may never reach your customers.

Advantages of a correct quality inspection in textiles

It may be reaffirming, but a correct quality inspection offers your company an enormous competitive advantage. Your customers will establish stronger bonds of trust knowing that you have exhaustive monitoring of your raw material and how it is used in your production processes.

Without a doubt, all our clients have seen a great improvement in their reputation by creating well-optimized production processes thanks to quality services.

  • Quality control helps you know if you are receiving material quality that suits the needs of your company.
  • You will be able to implement strategies that improve your production because you will immediately identify the weak points in the production.
  • Inspecting your textiles not only helps you save time, avoiding rework. It also helps you save on your budgets.
  • Your customers will receive better products

AMN processes textile inspection

Since 1991 AMN has been in constant evolution, improving the quality of its services year after year. Thanks to the investment of efforts and resources, the AMN is today an expert in the industrial sector. 

We know that the perfect complement for a specialized workforce is cutting-edge technological resources, which is why AMN keeps up to date with the best machines to carry out your inspections.

Thanks to the use of the best equipment for the textile industry, such as winding machines, length counting, trestles, and metal detectors, it is exhaustively inspected to find defects in the materials. The technology makes it possible to quickly detect holes, stains, or any aspect that truncates the quality of your products.

Do you need a first-level inspection of your textiles?

AMN has achieved significant changes thanks to demanding and timely techniques, which generate faster and more efficient processes. If you have any further questions about textile inspection, do not hesitate to contact us. 

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