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The evolution of quality control -From manual inspection to automation with Machine Vision

The evolution of quality control has generated great benefits for manufacturing industries. What was initially done manually is now done through automated systems. What has allowed this? Mainly, it has provided improvements in the quality of the products, as well as an increase in production performance.

Today we want to talk to you about Machine Vision, a technology that, among other applications, is used for automated quality inspection. Compare manual review vs. Machine Vision and how automation has impacted quality control processes.

Evolution of quality control -Manual Inspection vs. Machine Vision

The development of quality control originated thanks to technological advances in assessment and measurement. At first, industries used manual review.

Technicians and operators were responsible for measuring, inspecting, and evaluating the manufactured products. There are still companies that consider their production under this method. Being subject to human intervention, this type of inspection:

  • Can compromise the precision and reliability of the measurements.
  • Require a greater investment of time and effort.
  • Involve more trained personnel.

This method is performed after the manufacturing process has been completed. So, it can cause deficiencies in the operational process, compromising the general production, investment, and delivery times. Faced with these irregularities, the most innovative companies have made inspection technology their best ally.

Faced with the challenges of product quality control, they have implemented automated systems, achieving incredible results. The comparison of manual vs. Machine Vision inspection methods reflects the advantages of Machine Vision in quality control. It is a system designed for Industry 4.0 that:

  • Increases inspection capacity, investing less time.
  • Reduces capital flight caused by loss of materials.
  • Improves product quality and increases productivity.

A technology that combines image processing, through artificial vision, with industrial automation. Generally, it improves the reliability of measurements by carrying out inspections more efficiently.

Machine Vision’s Role in quality assurance

The role of Machine Vision in quality assurance in the industry goes beyond productivity improvements. It also improves accuracy, allows the detection of problems not perceptible to the human eye, and reduces the costs associated with human errors, among other advantages. It is based on image processing to manage a large amount of data obtained through sensors, boosting:

  • Reduction of wasted time, effort, and materials.
  • Reduction of operating costs.
  • And, most importantly, improvements in product quality control.

Therefore, Machine Vision, with its ability to automate inspection and detect problems imperceptible to the human eye, represents a clear example of the evolution of quality control. Based on what is registered, the technology carries out a meticulous evaluation of the internal and external components of each product.

With the information obtained, it makes the necessary calculations and analyzes its characteristics to determine the efficiency level in production. An example of how Machine Vision has transformed quality control is its application in different industries.

It is a tool that, in addition to verifying quality, also makes it possible to consider improvements in any of the stages of the production process. Therefore, it can be seen how a comprehensive evaluation system.

Your role in the food industry

The inspection system can detect irregularities that are almost imperceptible to human vision, such as, for example, some discoloration in the pigmentation of the product or the presence of an unwanted agent. After detecting the irregularity, the product can be filtered or removed from the production line.

Your role in the parts manufacturing industry

Artificial vision is capable of inspecting different elements with millimeter precision. Thus, detecting faults and correcting them before completing the manufacturing process is possible. Especially when it comes to pieces that are used to assemble objects. Therefore, Machine Vision is a great ally in companies in the automotive or metallurgical area.

Your role in the healthcare industry

The technology allows inspection to be carried out without manual intervention. From it, the risks of contamination of the materials handled are reduced—a beneficial benefit for the chemical industry and that related to the health sector.

Your role in the electronics industry

The Machine Vision system can be configured to perform rigorous functional tests on machines. For example, you can perform electronic device screen calibrations.

Improving quality control through Machine Vision

Implementing Machine Vision technology for efficient quality management is an example of the evolution of quality control. Its use has led to improving the productive efficiency of industries.

Total evaluations have achieved maximum efficiency from inspections that could skip several defective products. The application of automated systems:

  • Is capable of analyzing massive amounts of data.
  • Performs highly accurate visual assessments on a wide volume of products.
  • Determines almost imperceptible details for the timely extraction of defective products.

From automation, it is possible to implement exhaustive inspections in industries with high production levels. Improving the quality of the products provides improvements to the commercialization process.

With higher quality productions, customer satisfaction levels have been boosted. It must be remembered that for any manufacturing company, the quality of its products will influence the satisfaction and loyalty of those who purchase its products. The benefit that Machine Vision makes it easy to achieve.

Improve quality control through automation.

The evolution of quality control has meant considerable changes in the evaluations of manufactured products. From manual product inspection, technology has been used that simplifies the verification process.

In any case, from manual inspection to automated quality control, there has been only one intention. Industries have always sought to increase production levels, efficiently using each resource.

Are you looking for an automation system for your company? AMN Quality Solutions offers quality control automation solutions with Machine Vision. Contact us to learn more about our services.

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