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New director of Auto Cluster de Chihuahua takes office

Last Friday, July 1, 2022, Mr. Jose Alberto Charles Madrigal was sworn in as president of the Auto Cluster of the State of Chihuahua for the next two years: 2022 – 2024.

The event was attended by different personalities that promote the industry, such as Victor Corella Jr and members of government institutions.

Challenges for the Cluster for 2022-2024

During the swearing-in ceremony Jorge Charles presented six main objectives for the Cluster during the following years:

To place itself among the top three clusters in the state.

Increase the number of members.

To grow and strengthen local suppliers.

Develop statewide integration strategies with collections in Juarez, Cuauhtemoc, and other cities.

Increase the Cluster’s income.

To be one of the main drivers of investment in joint work with SIDE (Ministry of Innovation and Economic Development) and REDCAM (National Network of Automotive Industry Clusters).

Industry opportunities

During the inauguration event, Dr. Manuel Montoya, president of REDCAM and director of CLAU (Nuevo León Automotive Cluster), shared his presentation, “The opportunities of TMEC and Nearshoring,” where he explained the opportunities that may arise for the region after the changes in the production strategies of several transnationals.

“Transnationals are moving the production they were doing, especially in China and in some cases in Japan and Germany, and bringing it to the region. For example, they are looking for someone to do machining or stamping for them in Mexico”.

Drivers of the sector in Chihuahua and Juárez

The event was attended by several profiles that have contributed to the development of the industrial sectors in the state of Chihuahua, such as presidents of business chambers like Index Chihuahua, organizations like CODER (Juarez Regional Economic Development Council) or DESEC (Economic Development of the State of Chihuahua).

In addition to other relevant clusters in the area, such as MACH (Automation and Advanced Manufacturing Cluster) and institutions such as the Ministry of Tourism.

The AMN team wishes the Automotive Cluster of the State of Chihuahua and Mr. Jose Alberto Charles Madrigal a successful journey. We are witnesses to these organizations’ extraordinary capacity to develop local companies’ competitiveness and advocate collaboration to encourage the region.

We believe that the challenges outlined by Mr. Charles Madrigal will benefit the entire state and that they are feasible with the support of people like Victor Corella, president of the automotive Cluster in Ciudad Juárez.

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