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A New Chapter: AMN Quality Solutions Opens Facilities in Detroit

In the competitive industrial world, success is built upon excellence and quality. Therefore, we are pleased to announce the inauguration of AMN Quality Solutions’ new facilities in Detroit. This is a milestone for our industry and signifies our commitment to our clients and the continuous enhancement of their operations.

Strategic Industrial Location

Our newly opened headquarters, AMN Quality Solutions, is strategically situated in the industrial heart of Detroit. This choice is based on its geographical convenience and a thorough evaluation of critical factors.

The proximity to the industrial zone housing the city’s major companies and OEMs is a cornerstone of our strategy. This proximity optimizes our operations and directly connects us with an influential and collaborative network that has defined the industrial forefront of the region.

Our facilities will open in October 2023, marking a significant milestone in our journey toward a more robust industrial presence.

Inaugural Event and Key Collaborators

We are proud to announce the visit of Victor Corella, Director and Founder of AMN, Victor Abdon Corella, Sub-Director, and Arturo Díaz, Director of the New Business Development unit, as well as César Redondo, Director of The Outbound Group, to this high-level event. We will also introduce our operational unit to our esteemed clients during this event. 

Furthermore, we wish to underscore the essential contribution of our key partners, The Outbound Group and AMN International, who have played a pivotal role in this achievement.

Our Motivation

The expansion to this location responds to a critical need. At AMN Quality Solutions, our vision transcends geographical boundaries. We recognize the growing demand for global attention in the industrial sector, driving us to establish this strategic location in Detroit.

In an interconnected industrial world, quality challenges can propagate beyond borders. An issue at Tier 2 in Mexico can trigger cascading effects reaching the Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs). The need to address these challenges at their source led us to decide.

Our commitment to excellence and integrity propels us to expand where we most need. This opening reaffirms that commitment and moves us toward a more connected and resilient industrial sector.

Focus on Solutions and Services

We have concentrated our expertise on developing vital solutions for the industry within these new facilities. Among these, essential services stand out, such as quality sorting, precise rework that maximizes quality and efficiency, and 3PL logistics designed for optimized supply chain management.

Unique Advantages

Our differentiation is rooted in strategic proximity to OEMs, affording us unparalleled agility and logistical coordination. We extend our commitment further by offering comprehensive services and maintaining a fleet of experts, ensuring seamless and hassle-free logistics.

Addressing Industry and Challenges

At this new location, our focus is squarely on the automotive and manufacturing industries, which constitute our target market. We deeply understand the specifics, challenges, and unique demands characterizing these fields, enabling us to fine-tune our solutions precisely.

Our commitment is to address the specific needs of our clients in these highly demanding segments. We direct our resources toward resolving crucial certifications required by OEM companies, ensuring that products meet the highest quality and safety standards. Furthermore, we excel in promptly inspecting finished products, providing our clients with uninterrupted processes and maximum efficiency. We are here to be a reliable ally and fundamental support in overcoming the intrinsic challenges of these vital industries.

Future Outlook and Flexibility

Our vision rests on a strategic growth strategy and constant adaptation. While our ambition is to expand our services, our initial priority lies in forging synergies and fostering trust in the services we currently offer. This approach will enable us to build a solid foundation before expanding our offerings, ensuring that each new service aligns with our values of excellence and precise solutions.

Regarding technologies and methodologies, we are flexible and responsive to the changing needs of the industry and the region. Our philosophy is to evolve alongside the industrial landscape we serve. For instance, if the area demands technologies like X-ray for optimizing product inspection and safety, we will be ready to implement such innovations.

Success Case: Partnership with E&K

An illustrative example of the prowess of the alliance between The Outbound Group and AMN Quality Solutions came to fruition through our collaboration with E&K. In June of this year, E&K presented us with a challenge: resolve a battery harness failure in Ford’s Bronco line. What started as a consultation about logistics and storage evolved into a comprehensive partnership. We were not only entrusted with the task of collecting and safeguarding the faulty material but also repairing it. The result was astonishing: We managed to improve and put into operation 7,000 damaged units.

The challenge lay in replacing the material and transporting it to the southern border of the United States for inspection. AMN’s solution was comprehensive: We ensured the total availability of logistics, transportation, and warehouses and a skilled team with solid quality knowledge.

The results achieved were remarkable. Both customer and supplier satisfaction peaked, and material handling and replacement costs significantly decreased. Moreover, risks associated with potential OEM plant shutdowns were reduced. A crucial aspect of this success was our meticulous focus on batch control and labeling, ensuring that each process step was handled accurately and without a margin for error.

The tangible benefits, especially economic ones, were noticed by the customer. This success story exemplifies AMN’s depth of experience and capability in its specialized field. Not many companies can successfully manage OEM quality services in the same city as their plants, let alone integrate this service with their suppliers across the United States and Mexico. This achievement unequivocally demonstrates AMN’s broad and robust capacity in this highly demanding sector.

Experience and Promising Future

The opening of the new AMN Quality Solutions facility in Detroit is not just an accomplishment but a testimony to our commitment to quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction. This strategic location, our specialized services, and our unwavering focus position us as trusted partners in the industry.

We invite you to join us on this exciting journey toward a future of excellence in the industry. Stay tuned for future updates and developments from AMN Quality Solutions. Together, we advance toward a more robust and prosperous tomorrow.

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