Industry 4.0 the new manufacturing revolution

The time came for industry 4.0, a new era where advanced manufacturing has more prominence. Something that comes from an evolutionary process that goes on since the 18th century in Great Britain. At that time, it was the first revolution in the industry, with the arrival of hydraulic power and steam.

Over the years, a century later, the second revolution in history began to unfold. At this time, oil, gas, and electricity use in different companies begin to emerge. Besides, some advances such as the telegraph and the telephone began to emerge.

By the middle of the 20th century, technology arrived with computers, higher-level telecommunications, and DATA analysis. However, it is time for a new revolution in production processes. In this article, we will tell you everything you need to know about this new process and its main characteristics.

What is Industry 4.0? How does it work?

When we talk about industry 4.0 we refer to the arrival of intelligent machines. These tools use in materials manufacture and their transformation processes. All with the help of steps that go into digitization and processes that are autonomous.

The machines that work in the elaboration of products and production tools connect to the internet of things. In addition, you can have data on all the processes that carry out within the production line. Thus, better development can achieve to have advantages such as speed, sustainability, and flexible production.

It will also help to have solutions for the industry, with better products and new advanced services. Best of all, there is no discrimination of any kind, it can apply in the manufacturing sector or another.

Main characteristics of this type of revolution

It is time to show you a little more about this one that is in full growth. This way you will be able to understand the development and revolution of manufacturing that occurs in different companies. That is why every smart company that applies Industry 4.0 will be able to count on the following.

  • Decision-making will be favored by the analysis of the data available. With the help of inspection and technical communication, a better job can be developed. In this way, big data becomes one of the main features that can be enjoyed.

The data will help to better understand some patterns and better understand the ecosystem that surrounds them. Thus, based on it, much more accurate decisions will make that allow a correct development. In addition, the CNC or numerical control used to be more precise in each case.

  • The entire value chain of advanced manufacturing requires high-level technology. That is why this type of industry brings with it, information technology (IT) and operation technology (OT). In this way, the interconnectivity between the different sectors can be developed automatically.

All this information will be able to reach business software that uses these working models. Business planning and management will be able to take a step forward and have a better course of development.

  • Products and production tools will work for custom manufacturing. In this way, each of the needs that customers may have can resolve. In addition, it will be possible to work in a personalized way with different high-level materials and technologies.

Innovation for industries

This type of revolution brings with it a manufacturing revolution to be able to offer innovation. So from the moment a company begins to apply this new era, it will achieve innovation in:

  • Solutions within a production line will be much more effective
  • With advanced manufacturing, factories can become smart thanks to the implementation of different elements
  • It will be possible to have assisted manufacturing with the help of robots in charge of fulfilling different tasks. In addition, you can have a better organization.
  • The products and processes will have quality control that will be monitored by big data.

3 Tools within Advanced Manufacturing

Among the main tools that you can have with advanced manufacturing, we can mention the following:

  • Use of 3D printers

It is an element that revolutionized digital engineering to a great extent. In this way, you can have a lot of elements that help in the manufacturing sector. High-resistance parts, engineering plastic, thermoplastic, and other types of elements can be obtained.

  • The arrival of virtualization

It works within one of the most advanced and highest standard working models. Thanks to this tool, motion tests of rigid bodies can be obtained in a cinematic way. In addition, digitization of part replacements, assemblies, use of materials, and their transformation processes can be made.

  • Connectivity improvements

Within the production processes, a better industrial operation can be achieved that is intelligent. Automation is key in these processes, so it must be monitored by CNC or PLC, robots. In addition, the help of hardware makes the experience much greater, encouraging automatic processes.

Advances mark by the new Industry 4.0

Industry 4.0 is the future to have an advanced manufacturing value chain in optimal conditions. So for it, we must have quality inspection services such as those of AMN.

With the help of our services, you will be able to achieve higher quality advanced manufacturing. All processes will be in the best conditions thanks to our professionals. We guarantee efficiency, quality, and safety in all the work models in which we provide our service.

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