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In which industries are industrial packaging indispensable?

The application of industrial packaging in the different business and industrial sectors is rising. Indeed, we observe daily packaging for household appliances and the packaging of auto parts.

There are industrial sectors in which external packaging is recommended, but in others, it is a mandatory step to follow. Here we inform you everything you need to know about industrial packaging, its functions, and the industries in which they are indispensable.

Industrial packaging: what it is and what it is for

Industrial packaging is nothing more than the packaging of a product or merchandise. The packaging objectives are to ensure the goods’ protection and make them easier to handle and transport. In short, we can say that the functions of industrial packaging are:

  • Contain the products.
  • Protect the merchandise in its different stages: storage, handling, and transport. This includes proper protection against falls or impacts.
  • Preserve the properties of the goods, especially when it comes to materials sensitive to degradation or alteration. This is possible with packaging that protects from moisture, extreme temperatures, or high pressure.
  • Inform by labeling the packaging about the stored content.
  • Facilitate the transfer and comfort in the mobilization.
  • Enable the approval of the goods.

In which sectors is it essential to use industrial packaging

Pyrotechnic industry

The materials manufactured by industries dedicated to pyrotechnics are very delicate and dangerous. If they are not kept in the right conditions, they can cause accidents and endanger those who handle and transport them. 

Therefore, the correct conservation of pyrotechnic materials is necessary, something possible if quality packaging is made.

Pharmaceutical, cosmetics, and biomedical industry

The importance of packaging in the storage of pharmaceutical, cosmetic, and laboratory products is unquestionable. These materials are usually susceptible to temperature changes and other atmospheric conditions such as humidity.

An inappropriate temperature or excess pressure could alter the chemical composition of a medicine, damage hygiene products, or affect a reagent intended for laboratories. On the other hand, some products come in fragile packaging, so packaging is required to cushion unwanted impacts.

Food industry

Packaging is essential in the food sector, as it guarantees the hygiene and freshness of food. The packaging prevents the cold chain from being broken regarding short-lived food products. Because of this, packaging in the food industry has become a guarantee of quality.


In the automotive sector, it is imperative to prevent parts from suffering imperfections that could lead to problems in assembly. Some parts are particularly delicate such as bumpers, axles, transmissions, and bodies. Thus, auto parts packaging and quality packaging in the automotive industry has unquestionable importance.

Appliances in the electronic sector

Quality packaging in the electrical and electronics industry is also of great importance. Electronic equipment and household appliances are often particularly vulnerable during transport and sensitive to bumps and falls.

On the other hand, there is also equipment that weather conditions of their own can damage. In addition, they are usually high-cost materials, so damages that would involve significant expenses must be avoided.

Glass, ceramics, and bricks sectors

These sectors work with highly fragile materials, and the majority can easily break during the various transfers. There are also significant risks of the material suffering scratches and the products being rejected by the buyer. To avoid rejections and losses, it is necessary to follow the quality standards for the packaging of glass and ceramic products.

Wood, cardboard, and paper

In addition to glass and ceramics, paper, cardboard, and wood can deteriorate if not carefully packaged. Keep in mind that water and dust are enemies of these materials. If the move is long and there are many stages in the distribution chain, it is best to package them correctly.

How industrial packaging is classified

Packaging can be made of various materials. However, it is possible to talk about three types of packaging depending on their contact or proximity to the content.

Primary packaging

It contacts directly with the stored content. It usually contains information about the brand, the product’s expiration, and user instructions.

To transfer glass or ceramics, bubble wrap, meshes, and foams are usually used as primary packaging. In technology, ” honeycomb” cartons or corrugated cardboard are sometimes used. On the other hand, PET bottles have gained popularity in the pharmaceutical sector.

Secondary packaging

It is the one that contains the primary container or packaging. Secondary packaging for the electronics industry is usually sturdy wooden boxes.

Tertiary packaging

They are those that transport the secondary packaging. They are handy for creating larger cargo units and facilitating larger goods’ movement. Examples of these packages are cardboard boxes, wooden boxes, and containers.

Why apply packaging quality control

Now that you know what packaging is and where they are needed, you may wonder why packaging quality is essential in industries. The reason is simple: quality control testing and industrial packaging reduce your company’s expenses.

If your packaging server employs good industrial packaging machinery, the goods will be less likely to be damaged in transport, which positively impacts your pocket.

In addition, packaging quality control increases confidence in the quality of the contents. This, in turn, will prevent monetary losses from rejecting poorly packaged or even damaged goods. This way, quality packaging could help put your brand above the competition. Therefore, to maintain the quality standards of your merchandise, you must contact a supplier that guarantees proper industrial packaging.

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