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Global Containers and MCVSOL visit AMN’s facilities in Juárez

During the first weeks of October, the AMN team was fortunate to receive in its facilities two great companies that drive innovation in services to the industrial sector: Mobile Video Computing Solutions and Global Containers, the latter represented by Luis Galvan, director of V.P. operations.

We believe these partnerships are critical to developing a competitive and globally recognized region. We are confident in AMN’s capabilities to provide the expertise, technical vision, and support needed to drive success in this area. 

Whether through improved efficiency or growth opportunities, our continued engagement with these world-class partners will help us reach new heights of success.

The growing need for appliance harnesses

Electrical harnesses are essential to many industries, especially the appliance industry. Still, the product’s quality and the manufacturing process’s professionalism can be challenging.

AMN Quality Solutions offers electrical harness manufacturing services. We have a team of experts that understand the importance of quality and work tirelessly to ensure that your products meet all safety and performance requirements.

With over 30 years of experience in the industry, AMN Quality Solutions has become a trusted partner for industry services, with experts in every area that makes up a comprehensive service.

Who is Mobile Video Computing Solutions?

Mobile Video Computing Solutions, or MVCSOL, is a company that integrates video recording equipment into fleet vehicles so that drivers can document their behavior when interacting with other traffic nodes, such as pedestrians and cyclists. The system also captures data on collisions occurring in the vicinity of the vehicle, which is then uploaded to an online dashboard that can be accessed simultaneously by all users via an interface.

Who are Global Containers?

Global Containers is a business solutions company focused on providing the best quality business services at a fair cost. With their extensive experience in shipping, trucking, and logistics management, they help customers save time with easy access to everything from raw materials to finished goods.

At AMN Quality Solutions, we believe that forming connections with companies in our industry is key to success. In today’s fast-paced business climate, it is crucial to work collaboratively with others to move forward quickly and achieve our goals. That is why we are committed to continuing our efforts to forge new links with like-minded companies in the regions where we operate. We know that this collaboration is what these local markets need to thrive and grow, and we are dedicated to doing everything we can to support them. Whether through trade shows, networking events, or other initiatives, AMN Quality Solutions will always remain dedicated to creating fruitful partnerships for mutual benefit.

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