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Electronic harnesses: a key piece in modern industries

Today, electrical harnesses are indispensable for the operation of most electrical systems. An evolutionary factor that increased overall structural efficiency.

This component of electrical systems often goes unnoticed, but it plays a fundamental role. Therefore, its usefulness is vital today.

Importance of electronic harnesses for systems

The importance of electronic harnesses begins with understanding their functionality. Only then will it be possible to visualize the scope of these within the global industry.

An electrical harness is a set of circuits (cables, terminals, connectors, tapes, among others) that carry a signal from one point to another—a vital key component for current systems.

Understanding this, its usefulness enters the production of most electronic networks, and they constitute a fundamental part of the operation of systematized computers or modules.

Applicability Industries

Within its typology are battery harnesses and doors to reins of complex design and high technology. It is a frequently used component in electronics for its efficiency.

Electrical harnesses have the following applications in different industrial sectors:

● Cars and trucks

● Motorcycles

● Recreational vehicles

● Aircraft

● Boats

● Boats and boats

● White goods and appliances

● Refrigerators and dispensers

● Air conditioners

In a world of constant electronic evolution, it is not surprising. The systematization of devices, in general, leads to the implementation of advanced electrical networks.

Getting to know the essence of the electronic harness more closely

The operation of electronic harnesses is governed by signals that must be processed for the execution of certain functions. Utility that results in start-ups, ignitions, or the operation of various mechanisms.

Its structure may vary according to the purpose pursued, but reference can be made to a basic functional design composed of

·  Terminals. Applicators (usually copper or aluminum) that serve as connectivity with the system where the harness is implemented.

·  Connectors. Connection points of circuits that have been previously cut and graphed.

·  Circuits. A piece of a wire of specific lengths in the graphing area where terminals are placed at each tip.

·  Tubes. Pipes cover the circuits to protect them against moisture, heat, dust, and movements, among other external factors.

·  Foam. The element whose function is to protect the harness against shocks, as well as isolates the internal noises of the saddle.

·  Tape. The adhesive material is used to cover saddles in parts where too much heat is concentrated.

In the end, its structure seeks to guarantee the functionality of electrical networks in general. They are responsible for carrying signals safely and efficiently from one point to another to ensure the system’s operation.

Types of electrical harnesses

The electrical harnesses produced more significantly in the industrial field are the automotive ones, which determine a generalized typology.

·  Pigtail. Circuits that are already integrated into the module at one end. When the mobile is acquired, it is already assembled with the cable and connector you need, so to power, the module, only the connector that comes from the harness is required.

·  Jumpers. They are the harnesses that go from point to point. That is, they only have two or three connectors at most and are small (the families of the trailerheater cord, or battery cables are within this classification).

·  Online connections. They allow more connections, either with modules or with other harnesses.

Continuing with the automotive reference, this represents the market that has given the most significant impetus to producing electric harnesses, thanks to the standardization of electric and intelligent cars. This is a technology that gives great importance to the development of electronic harnesses.

To be more specific in terms of its functionality, within the vehicles, we have

·  Harness “Body .” This is considered the most crucial harness of the car since it fulfills the function of providing energy to essential safety components.

·  Harness “Instrument Panel .” It is connected to the “Body” Harness, which handles the connections to the cluster, air conditioning, radio, and other periphery elements.

·  Motor Harness. It energizes the drive and starter motor components, coils, injectors, alternator, oil pump, and engine temperature sensors.

·  Harness Chassis. It is connected to the Motor Harness, which attaches the fuel pump, rear wheel sensors, and rear lamps (skulls) in its path.

·  Harness “FEM .” Connect headlights, fog lights, horn, windshield fluid pump, a coolant pressure sensor in the air conditioning line, front impact sensors, and radiator fan.

All vehicle harnesses can weigh up to 30 kg, adding up to a total of between 7 and 10 in the system. Of these, the most notorious are the engines and the instrument panels.

Current status of electronic harness production worldwide

The electric vehicle industry has snowballed, and so has the demand for electronic harnesses. The context in which a shortage of semiconductors has been generated.

Faced with this, the industry has migrated to non-habitual suppliers to cover its needs regarding this component. BMW, Tesla, and other prominent players in the sector have said so.

As complexity increases, current harness manufacturing methods need help to keep pace with manual data exchanges and the inability to collect knowledge bases.

 Agencies and analysts agree that the automotive sector has the primary demand; however, other sectors have been growing in their use. All this panorama leads to an extraordinary investment opportunity.

 AMN Industrial Electrical Harness Manufacturing Service

In AMN, we have collaborated for more than 30 years with fundamental actors in the industry, which has led us to develop high-efficiency and quality operation processes. Our electronic harness manufacturing service forms part of the catalog of high-level solutions we offer to companies of any size.

For more information, do not hesitate to contact us. We are allies in growing the industry!

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