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Discover the characteristics of a good liaison representative

Your job as a merchant of end-consumer products continues even after the customer receives your product. Many times, errors in the installation or manipulation of the same can affect its usability, causing a bad image part of your service. A liaison representative can prevent this.

Having residents who are quality representatives in your company is essential. They can ensure that the experience of using your products is the best. Thus, you will get satisfied customers and a positive image for your brand. Likewise, you will have complete control of the installation of your merchandise.

This task must be performed by professionals who adapt to the conditions and specifications of the product you offer. For that, they must meet the necessary characteristics for the area in which your service is oriented. Know with us what can be present in your quality representatives.

What is a liaison representative?

liaison representative is a professional supervising the final route of your products. In other words, they ensure that your products are installed and configured correctly at their destination.

Their work is essential to ensure an ideal experience in using the product by the client. Likewise, it will be a hallmark of service and professionalism in customer service by your company.

What are the duties of a liaison representative?

quality representative is dedicated to controlling the last part of the distribution chain of your products. This will be the quality link between your service as a company and your customers. Here are the procedures of a liaison representative:

  • Direct communication with the client.
  • Coordination of the final process of transport of the goods.
  • Monitor the delivery to the destination with total security.
  • Know the quality procedures and ensure compliance.
  • Make the relevant records to keep track of the stock.
  • Resolve problems regarding the use and installation of the products.
  • Ensure that your company’s service meets the client’s needs and that their satisfaction is complete.

Among its tasks is the key to achieving the best customer service. Therefore, their work will be essential for your customers always to choose you. Know in detail their functions and the benefits they have for your business.

What is a quality liaison?

A quality liaison is a link between your service and customer satisfaction. The liaison representative will ensure that the quality of your product is maintained from your warehouses to its destination. Take care of quality inspection procedures.

What is the quality inspection procedure?

The quality inspection consists of a pre-established work plan to take care of your products. The quality representative must be prepared to apply it efficiently, considering the characteristics of your particular production.

What is quality control inspection?

Inspection is the exhaustive monitoring of the product in its different stages of production and distribution. It is about preserving optimal conditions, from raw material to the end of production and delivery.

What are the types of quality inspections?

For the following to be ideal, your quality representative must contemplate all stages of the process. They involve different  types of inspections for various purposes, such as

  Pre-production: about raw materials, suppliers, and the stages before the start of production.

  During production: monitoring the quality requirements of production already underway; you must also ensure production meets the required demand.

  Pre-shipment: verification of the preparation of the products for deliveries, from the protection and security of the same to the necessary documentation.

  Load supervision: at this stage, it is essential to handle the packages so that their conditions are not damaged.

     Inspection by piece: both before shipment and after, parts must have quality tracking.

In addition to these inspections, inconveniences may arise in the arrival of the products to deal directly with the end customer. The representative of your company will solve them so that the customer is satisfied with the product.

What characteristics should a good liaison representative have?

Knowing that the resident should have a quality representative in your business is essential. The image of your company will depend on this, so you should look for professionals who share your goals.

To fulfill their tasks efficiently and provide optimal service, a representative must have honesty, loyalty, teamwork, good communication, resilience to conflicts, problem-solving, and those of your brand.

The 8D’s of quality

liaison representative will apply the 8D of quality to overcome product problems. Their work will be essential so that they are resolved in the best way and do not affect the relationship with your customers. These (D)isciplines are

  Team: You must define a working or proactive group.

  Problem detection: discover issues that affect quality.

  Containment: prevents them from spreading.

  Find the causes: discover the root of the problem.

  Actions: plan concrete solutions.

  Implementation: sets those actions in motion.

  Prevention: Prevents these problems from happening again.

     Gratitude: end by thanking your collaborators and team.

Having a professional who knows how to act under pressure and efficiently solve problems is vital. Your company’s productivity will improve significantly, and the risks will decrease or be contained in time to avoid losses.

Our liaison representation service

We know you want a liaison team in your company, so we offer you the ideal service. We have a resident representative of perfect quality for your business who will adapt to your brand’s values.

Hire your service liaison quality representatives in North America and Latin America today. Our quality and professionalism are at the service of your customers.

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