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Bosch expands its operations in Celaya

On November 18, 2022, the international company Bosch announced, through a statement, its intentions to expand in the town of Celaya, Guanajuato. This is to increase its production capacity of electrical control units for the automotive train.

Currently, the plant established in Celaya (CeaP) has become one of its standards in manufacturing 4.0, better known as the Bosch smart factory in Guanajuato. 

In addition to producing Electronic Control Units (TSU), components that allow the transmission of information through the entire vehicle, the Celaya also stands out for implementing within its logistics the Manufacturing Execution System (MES). This system allows the collection and distribution of data about the operation in real time.

This data-based work methodology becomes very useful when planning preventive maintenance and implementing Improvements in the process. In turn, this data system is connected to Bosch, allowing engineers worldwide to contribute to creating more efficient lines.

The multinational has yet to announce the start date of operations. However, it announced that it plans to double the current area of ​​the plant, estimating an expansion of close to 20,000 square meters. It was financed by investing 4.5 billion pesos and an estimated job opening of 1,500 new jobs during the first seven years of operation.

Said investment is added to the 20 billion pesos earmarked for developing the automotive industryhousehold appliances, and capital goods contemplated for the next five years.

Due to these characteristics involved in the manufactured components and the modern processes themselves, this expansion of operations will place the Bosch Celaya plant as one of the leading factories in automation and intelligent industry, also linked to sustainable strategies for the environment and a path drawn towards electromobility.

It is essential to mention that Bosch is taking advantage of the growth potential of electromobility. Since the end of 2021, the company has been manufacturing silicon carbide (SiC) semiconductors worldwide, which can extend the range of electric vehicles by up to 6%.

Bosch has also entered the business of equipping factories to produce batteries. According to the company, this business has potential: the global battery market is growing by up to 25% per year. – TyT Magazine.

“Mexico is a privileged country in terms of its geographical and commercial position, at the same time that it has human capital with high prestige worldwide. Combining these elements allows us to serve our market better, making the country attractive to Bosch”. René Schlegel, president of Bosch Mexico.

What is Bosch, Mexico?

Bosch has been in Mexico since 1955. In 1966, Bosch established its first manufacturing plant in Toluca, State of Mexico. Bosch has expanded its presence in Mexico, where it has 14 locations. Bosch in Mexico reached a sales volume of 2.7 billion dollars (2.3 billion euros) in 2020. The company employs more than 17,200 associates on all its sites. Today, Bosch’s business sectors (Mobility Solutions, Industrial Technology, Consumer Goods, and Building Energy & Technology) have operations in the country. Bosch improves the quality of life worldwide with innovative products and services. In short, Bosch creates technology that is “Innovation for your life.” BNamericas.

Our relationship with Bosch

For AMN, the expansion of Bosch in Celaya is news that fills us with joy and enthusiasm since it has been one of the large companies that have trusted our services for the industrial sector. We know that this decision is not based solely on logistics issues, and it is also linked to the high quality of Mexican labor, the extraordinary capacity of its specialists and engineers, and, of course, the commitment of the local supplier to create a highly profitable and productive value chain.

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