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AMN’s beginnings in the industry

AMN Quality Solutions was founded in 1991 by Víctor Corella, who sought to respond to the need in the industry to improve quality processes.

As a buyer for a well-known maquila on the Juarez border, Mr. Corella detected that large company budgets were used to repeat work cycles due to quality, finishing, or packaging errors. This generated an added problem, part of the personnel of the different production lines was reassigned to cover these quality details, which caused delays.

It was here that Corella decided to establish an external service that would allow companies to outsource this work. This way, he could avoid costly blockages in his production lines for the processing industry.

Throughout its history, the areas of opportunity have expanded. These range from providing support with quality services to a broader range encompassing advanced manufacturing, electronic components, and warehouse management. In this way, it has established itself as a pioneer company in providing inspection, quality, and advanced manufacturing services.

AMN during the pandemic

In 2021, during the time of the pandemic, AMN was supported by The Bridge Accelerator program. It is a program sponsored by Microsoft to professionalize companies in the region.

 “Through it, we reinforce and improve business practices. We also identified our weaknesses, thanks to their courses and the leaders they had. They even helped us to […] differentiate ourselves from the others in a high-demand market,” recalls Corella. “Likewise, we gained new partners and established a link between manufacturing services, quality inspection, and the operational industry. Today, we have become a pre-eminent entity, not only in quality manufacturing, and also in specialized high-end non-destructive inspection equipment.”

What is the reason for being an AMN? What services do we offer?

We emerged due to the need to improve corporations’ quality processes and solve their needs immediately. We provide peace of mind to our clients through an immediacy of service with the best quality standards. Likewise, we offer the following services:

1.   Quality services

We provide quality solutions specialized in visual inspection, x-ray inspection, sorting, rework, GP-12, CS1, CS2, and on-site quality representatives covering the automotive, appliance, electronic, and manufacturing sectors in the United States and Mexico.

In the case of inspection, we have high technology with five X-ray machines that allow us to carry out non-destructive checks by radiography.

We verify materials such as aluminum, plastics, metals, car clothing, electronic components, harnesses, and slats. All this with the following differentiators: Procedures according to the ISO 9001:2015 certification and management 24 hours a day, seven days a week. In addition, we have coded inspection tables and adequate lighting.

2.   Advanced Manufacturing

We have partial production activities and the total manufacture of the product using the highest technology, in addition to assembly, sub-assembly, and packaging services.

3.   Electronic components

We are leaders in quality control and rework in electronic components, applied to the home appliance and automotive industries. 

Our solutions are innovative and efficient to satisfy our customers. We supply electronic repair tablets and carry out the relevant tests to control and guarantee the integrity of the parts to avoid counterfeit electronic pills.

4.   Warehouse management

We also provide support in logistics and storage with warehouses in El Paso, Ciudad Juárez, and Querétaro. Our facilities have protected rejection areas, a closed security circuit, and 24-hour security personnel. Colors identify the products.

What is the impact of our services on the industry?

Constant supervision and continuous learning to improve our services have impacted the industrial sector.

The preceding is because we comply with all legal requirements in each site where we operate. And thanks to our dedication and compliance, we have been recognized for the following:

● And the National Council of the Maquiladora and Export Manufacturing Industry, known as INDEX.

This has led us to Purchasing Managers and Indirect buyers from Mexico and the USA to trust our services.

What are the benefits of our services?

Among our benefits, you can find:

● Innovative solutions

● Delivery of products or services that meet the requirements demanded by the industry.

● Process follow-up.

● Reduction in production costs.

● Decrease in the risk margin at launch.

● The processes we carry out help to avoid high costs in waste.

How do we innovate in our processes?

With the continuous improvement in all our procedures, from training with agile methodologies for all our collaborators to keeping us up to date with the rules and regulations required by the industry.

We have state-of-the-art technology to offer a better service to our clients, and we use specialized tools that allow us to achieve high-quality standards.

What are the scopes of AMN?

We are established in Ciudad Juárez, Querétaro, and El Paso, Texas, and we have a presence and commercial alliances in different strategic points of Mexico and the United States.

We have more than 300 specialists in various manufacturing areas, allowing us to provide our quality solutions and manufacturing services to more than 1,000 satisfied customers worldwide.

At AMN, we have had a path of constant learning and growth that has allowed us to position ourselves as a leader in the market. We offer our clients, beyond guaranteed services, a range of solutions that provide peace of mind to all those who trust in our support.

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