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AMN Strategic Planning towards 2030

Last Saturday, December 3rd, the AMN team held an internal meeting to design strategies before the beginning of the year. In this meeting, we were fortunate to receive members from our central locations, such as Juarez, Queretaro, and El Paso, Texas.

Although this was a meeting before the start of the year 2023, our vision went much further, having as an agenda our next steps for the next seven years, generating a Strategic Planning with a 2023 – 2030 focus.

The main topics of the meeting were:

  • Strengthen harness manufacturing.
  • Open new locations.
  • To have new facilities.

What’s next for the industry in 2030

Experts predict that the world in 2030 will see significant changes and advances in manufacturing, particularly in Mexico. With more companies digitizing and streamlining their processes, automotive, electronics, appliances, and manufacturing industries are expected to undergo a significant transformation between now and 2030.

Mexico has become a popular place for many companies to outsource production due to its convenient location and skilled labor force; sourcing products from Mexico is expected to increase further as technology advances.

Companies are particularly interested in automated processes in this modern world, so sophisticated systems for tracking, production, management, and transportation goods are expected to replace traditional manual labor methods. Mexico’s economy and the various industries involved have a bright future ahead of them in the next decade.

Strengthening harness manufacturing on the road to electromobility

The demand for low-carbon mobility solutions is growing every day. To meet changing needs, it is essential to stren7gthening our harness manufacturing capabilities with a view to electromobility 2030.

Harness manufacturing companies must focus on developing innovative materials and production methods specifically designed to support the range of new electric vehicles entering the market.

This will ensure that AMN remains competitive while paving the way for the correct medium- and long-term transportation transition across the country.

Presence in Mexico’s leading industrial zones

Mexico represents a unique opportunity for companies looking to expand due to its proximity to the U.S., rapidly growing economy, and large population. By 2030, Mexico is expected to be one of the largest economies in the world, being the main driver for developing its industrial zones.

For AMN, it is of utmost importance to be present in the key sites that will change the game in the next decade, not only to take advantage of the opportunities but also to create and contribute to these zones and their local supply.

Facilities that compete on a global level

Currently, in AMN, we are proud of our different locations because they meet the highest quality standards worldwide. However, we are allies of constant improvement, not only because this represents greater agility in our processes but also because this will expand the range of services and quality we provide to our customers.

AMN with a vision for the future

It is essential to set our sights on what is to come, so this planning becomes an obligation to improve how we operate and receive. Thanks to the entire AMN team for being part of it and to our customers for allowing us not to be just another supplier but to be their strategic allies.

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