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In September, as part of the Manager Training Programme initiated by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Climate Action (BMWK), the AMN team visited different companies and organizations in Germany. After two years in a virtual format, in this edition of Fit For Partnership 2022, companies from Asia, Eastern Europe, North Africa, and Latin America had the opportunity to visit the European country and create ties with different organizations in a personal way.

In this edition, which has a duration of one year with a scheduled end date of April 2023, 20 Mexican companies focused on the automotive industry participated. Hence, the group of leaders had the opportunity to promote one of the most efficient industries in Mexico.

What was Manager Training Programme BMWK?

Cooperation Program Mexico – Germany Fit For Partnership with Germany, a program created in 1998 by the Ministry of Economy and the Federal Ministry of Economy and Climate Protection to prepare managers worldwide for efficient cooperation. And business liaison with German companies to promote binational collaboration.

Victor Corella was one of the Mexican executives selected to participate in this program, so he held a series of training sessions during July and August to receive critical information related to the automotive industry, which, due to the nature of its business and various positions, had to represent. 

With this global vision, Víctor Corella, founder of AMN, not only represented the relationships of the leading company in industrial services, but he also carried the flag of the automotive and appliance.

Our experiences in Germany

We create relationships

Our quest to promote Mexican suppliers and Mexico as a strategic market location was evident; from our first days in the German country, we sought to create business ties. AMN representatives held fruitful talks with companies focused on booming sectors such as digitization, automation, and renewable energy. In addition, we also maintained a close relationship with organizations specializing in car manufacturing, plastic stamping, molding, and electromechanical horn manufacturing.

Visit Messe Automechanika Frankfurt

Messe Automechanika Frankfurt is one of the most important automotive technology fairs worldwide. With more than 50 years of experience, this fair has managed to be the ideal meeting point for different players in the automotive market: dealers, companies focused on manufacturing, and even concentrate on repair and restoration. 

It is estimated that companies from more than 170 countries converge at the Automechanika Frankfurt international fair, looking for innovations, products, or solutions. In the 2022 edition, more than 2,800 exhibiting companies were counted.

We have a pleasant experience knowing hundreds of products and processes developed worldwide. We identified technologies that break the schemes in terms of quality measurement and inspection in batteries for electric vehicles.

Fostering leadership

One of the principal axes of the trip was to consolidate all the knowledge about leadership acquired in BMWK. These sessions focused on leadership and taught us best practices for understanding and managing teams.


It was undoubtedly an enriching experience because we understood the perspectives on project management they have in European countries such as Germany, and we understood their main differences when we compare them with the visions we have in Latin American countries—emphasizing mainly the empathic factor and humane treatment, characteristics almost born in countries like Mexico.

The boost these programs give is undeniable and becomes essential when establishing relationships with companies on this side of the world. Social integration in the work environment is based on critical factors: status, certainties, autonomy, relationships, and justice.

Visits Business to Business

Visit Hainbuch & It Group

The vision of IT Group or Itronic GmbH is exemplary: they are passionate about technological evolution and development. For more than 25 years, they have built the necessary platforms for automation, testing, and high-efficiency measurements.

Their specialties range from inspection and automation to software or hardware development and even services such as facility management.

Hainbuch is a company founded in 1951, operating with the mission of simplifying, revolutionizing, and automating technological processes. This philosophy has made them pioneers and creators of new auto part manufacturing techniques, reaching over 150 patents and various awards. Hainbuch defines itself as a supplier with global capabilities due to its constant search for relationships with subsidiaries and representatives.

Visit to Antón Häring KG and Borg Wagner

Anton Häring is a German company focused on taking advantage of technological changes: by adopting state-of-the-art technologies, they have designed simple, effective, fast, and precise production processes. Its objective is clear, to innovate in every aspect of a production line, even from the idea to the last assembly step.

Under this philosophy, they have achieved significant prestige in manufacturing large-scale precision-turned parts. In addition, they have adapted to the drive for innovative automotive concepts such as hybrid and electric cars. 

Borg Wagner is a company with a long and rich history. With more than 130 years of experience, this company has seen the inclusion of many new technologies, and despite that, its search for innovation continues. In this decade, its focus is to bet on the acceleration of the electrification of the automotive world. It is achieving the standardization of the use of electric cars and a comprehensive technological mobility experience.

Our team had an enriching experience holding talks with these large companies, who expressed their interest in subassembly services.

A very fruitful visit 

Our visit to Germany was a great success. We have learned a lot about how international companies work and the leadership techniques they use. We are excited to use this new knowledge and continue growing our business. Make sure to subscribe to our newsletter to stay up to date with all our news. Thank you for following us on this journey!

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