AMN participates in Expo Automation 2022

On August 25 and 26, the AMN team was fortunate to attend the Expo Automatización Manufactura Inteligente 2022, an event held at the facilities of the Universidad Tecnológica de Ciudad Juárez (UTCJ) and organized by the Mach Cluster, an active participant in the industrial development of the border city.

Expo Automatización is a space where more than 50 national and international companies can develop business opportunities under the banner of innovation. Due to the characteristics of these participants, being companies that place the region in the global market, Expo Automatización has become a first-level event for the business sector. 

The constant search to create intelligent and automated manufacturing in the northern zone of Chihuahua has driven the continuity of events like this one, where profiles with the capacity to develop local industry converge: companies, officials, and students (professionals in training) who are nourished by the global perspective granted by these workshops, focused on aerospace, automotive, devices, renewable energies, metal-mechanics and information technologies.

“We are very happy because the leaders of automation companies presented their projects and exhibited the top technology they handle in this university, in the Casa de los Toros Bravos, where we prepare engineers and technicians professionally and this helps us a lot to link the link between companies and academia at the university,” said Carlos Ernesto Ortiz, rector of the university.

For our team, it is of utmost importance to be present at events like these, because the activities proposed in them are aligned with our quest to strengthen local supply and consequently the industrial sector based in the city.

We are aware of the importance of B2B meetings, along with the exhibition of products and services of local companies, which have quality levels that compete internationally. This gives them access to an extensive network of suppliers and business contacts.

To these meetings, we add the valuable knowledge imparted in workshops that address topics such as lean manufacturing, innovation strategies, programming applied to industry, automation, and even energy-saving solutions and sustainability. At AMN we always seek to contribute to the construction of a solid and innovative industry, for this reason, we are proactive in these events since these topics and values are what have consolidated us as a leading company in the industrial sector. We understand the importance of these agendas as they help us to improve our processes every day.

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