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AMN at E-Mobility Opportunities Workshop

Companies operating in Mexico’s leading industrial zones have realized that the electrification of mobility is just a few steps away and has accelerated in recent years. It is vitally important for both large conglomerates and suppliers to redefine and reinvent their strategies, operating models, and supply chains.

With this vision approaching, it becomes strategic to develop spaces for dialogue and negotiation where electromobility is the main focus. Such was the case of the E-Mobility Opportunities Workshop, an event held on October 28.

This event was attended by more than 30 manufacturing companies operating in Ciudad Juarez, located on the northern border of Mexico, participating in phase two of the Chihuahua E-Mobility Ready 2022 project within the Artificial Intelligence Center.

This is a large work table that seeks to create new solutions for the challenges that are approaching the automotive sector. Proposing solutions at a collaborative level to achieve an ecosystem of production and use of electric mobility is an issue that transcends even the margins of profitability and customer acquisition as it involves a more sustainable industry.

The E-Mobility Ready 2022 project is planned in 3 phases

– Analysis of global trends

– Diagnosis of installed capacity in the State for its transition.

– Development of a roadmap to take advantage of the areas of opportunity identified within the electromobility industry about other sectors.

Present at the Workshop were Fernando Alba, Undersecretary of Industry, Energy and Mining; Paul Clyde, President of the William Davidson Institute of the University of Michigan; Diana E. Páez, senior director of Energy and Mobility at the University of Michigan; Brenda Rodríguez, director of Cenaltec; and Raúl Varela, director of the Institute for Innovation and Competitiveness (I2C).

AMN at Electromobility Workshop

AMN must participate in Workshops focusing on new market challenges, such as e-mobility and new supply chains in manufacturing electric cars.

The fact that more than 30 companies operating in Ciudad Juárez are coming together makes us understand that implicit in the industry is the value of maintaining a total focus on the customer experience and the search to partner intelligently throughout the value chain to access more significant growth opportunities.

As we know, the automotive industry is one of the most complex in the world, so we must be at the forefront to offer the best options to our customers. If you need information about the industrial solutions we provide at AMN, do not hesitate to contact us, we are at your disposal.

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