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AMN builds strategic international partnerships and engages in crucial events in Mexico

At AMN, we constantly strive to strengthen our presence in the Mexican industry and establish strong business relationships. This commitment drives us to create strategic partnerships both at a national and international level.

Our hard work allows us to open our doors to world-class corporations. We take pride in playing the role of bridges that connect these opportunities and contribute to the industry’s development.

As leaders in quality solutions, we are committed to driving growth and consolidating our presence in the market. Let us share more details about IT Group’s recent visit to Mexico and our participation in key events in the country.

IT Group’s Visit to Mexico

On May 23rd, we hosted IT Group, a renowned German company and winner of the 100 Top Innovators award in 2019, at our Querétaro plant. IT Group is a company passionate about evolution and technological development, with over 25 years of experience in building platforms for automation, quality testing, and high-efficiency measurements. Their automated technology helps prevent the leakage of non-conforming products.

Our relationship with IT Group originated from participating in Fit For Partnership with Germany, a program encouraging collaboration between the Mexican and German industries. IT Group has experienced significant European expansion, establishing subsidiaries in several countries. Fit For Partnership with Germany highlights the importance of IT Group in the European market and their ability to offer innovative ideas and quality solutions to their customers regionally and internationally.


During their stay, IT Group and the management team of AMN, comprised of Víctor Corella and Víctor Abdon Corella Jr, visited various cities, including Mexico City (CDMX), Querétaro, Monterrey, Ramos Arizpe, and Reynosa, where they met with prominent companies in the automotive sector such as Brose, BorgWarner, Valeo, BCS, and BRP, among others.

AMN played a crucial role in managing this business mission, seeking to provide IT Group with a tangible overview of Mexico’s numerous opportunities. In addition to highlighting our advanced logistics and manufacturing capabilities in these meetings, the solutions related to immersive technologies developed by New Discovery were also emphasized.

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Participation in the International Automotive Industry Supply Summit 2023

Amidst the exciting event landscape in Querétaro, we were fortunate to actively participate in the International Automotive Industry Supply Summit, held from May 31st to June 1st.

The International Automotive Industry Supply Summit 2023 is a prominent event in the automotive industry on an international scale. During this gathering, key companies and professionals from the sector come together to share knowledge, explore new business opportunities, and strengthen commercial relationships. It provides a conducive environment for exchanging ideas, presenting innovations, and establishing strategic alliances within the automotive supply chain.

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During this event, we were part of the Chihuahua State Pavilion, a space that brought together numerous key players in the automotive industry, including companies such as SolfiumNexteer AutomotiveMESAL Soluciones AdhesivasShurtape MéxicoVibracousticAMD MaquinariaGALNIK, S.A. DE C.V.Century 3DFerma Empaques, Industrias Camca and Plásticos Helios.

During this significant event, our representative, CEO, and founder, Victor Corella, played a crucial role as a representative of the Automotive Cluster of Ciudad Juárez. His participation was highly relevant in exploring new opportunities in the sector in the northern border region. Additionally, our Sales Director Arturo Díaz and Mayra Benitez, leader of the Customer Service department, attended personalized meetings with industry decision-makers, strengthening relationships and opening up new business opportunities.

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We are deeply grateful for the kind invitation extended to us by INA (Industria Nacional de Autopartes, A.C.)  and Rene Mendoza, the national president of Cadena de Proveedores de la Industria en México (CAPIM, to participate in this prestigious event. Additionally, we would like to express our sincere appreciation to all our valuable collaborators, including the Secretaría de Innovación y Desarrollo Económico, Chihuahua Global EDC, Autocluster Chihuahua, Clúster Automotriz de Querétaro, and Gobierno del Estado de Querétaro. Each of them played a fundamental role in our successful event participation and creating opportunities.

Human Capital Committee of the Automotive Cluster of Querétaro

Our Human Resources team, with representatives from our plants in Juarez City and Queretaro, attended the bimonthly meeting of the Human Capital Committee of the Automotive Cluster of Querétaro, where topics of great relevance to the sector were discussed. During the meeting, HR managers and professionals shared situations, implementations, and solutions currently being worked on in the Querétaro industry.

Two fundamental aspects were addressed during this gathering. Firstly, we had the presence of Procurador Manuel Hernández from DIF Estate Queretaro, who promoted collaboration between member companies and DIF to understand the human capital needs of the industry and explore opportunities for young individuals associated with DIF. The importance of reintegrating children into a family environment and adults into the formal economy was also emphasized.

Secondly, the need for solutions to address labor turnover in the sector was discussed, and proposals in this regard were presented.

At AMN, we consider implementing innovative technologies as one of our strategic pillars. This is reflected not only in our manufacturing and inspection processes but also in the training of our collaborators.

During the meeting, New Discovery Agency presented its vision for applying Virtual Reality in training programs. It was highlighted how this technology enables operators to acquire knowledge realistically and safely without risks for themselves and the process.

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Participation in the Human Capital Committee reinforces our commitment to talent development and business growth. We present initiatives that seek to positively impact the social sphere and enhance competitiveness among companies in the automotive sector.

Driving Innovation and Growth in the Mexican Automotive Industry

At AMN, we take pride in strengthening our business relationships in Mexico and participating in key events that drive the automotive industry and foster economic development. We are committed to innovation and excellence in all our operations and will continue to seek exciting opportunities for growth and collaboration.

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