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AMN at the 2022 edition of Wire Tech Mexico

At AMN, we are proud to attend the most prominent wire harness exhibition in northern Mexico, Wire Tech 2022. This is a space where significant participants of the wire harness industry in the country converge, representing different industries such as automotive, aerospace, and home appliances, among others.

In this great convention, more than 1,000 attendees gather to listen to the 12 national and international talks and participate in the 50 exhibits created by project participants. One of the objectives of Wire Tech is to become a place to make connections between buyers, manufacturers, and distributors at a national and international level.

It is an ideal event for groups of engineers, plant managers, sales, marketing, or purchasing, belonging to the OEM, Tier 2, and Tier 1.

For us, it becomes vitally important that they not only open up space for large companies but also pave the way for machine shops, automation, assembly, electrical material suppliers, and harness manufacturers in their different stages to connect with new customers. This will naturally feed a supply industry with a lot of potential and constant development.

The importance of Chihuahua in the manufacture of electrical harnesses

The largest state in the country and one of the most industrially developed is home to more than 150 maquiladora companies linked to the electrical harness industry, half of all those found in northern Mexico. Representing 33 percent of the entire national initiative, it is considered the electrical harness capital of the world.

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