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31 Years of Leadership: An Epic Anniversary for AMN

On the occasion of AMN’s 31st anniversary, we celebrated in a big way with our colleagues from Ciudad Juarez and El Paso last Saturday, marking the launch of the “Towards Excellence” campaign. The event aimed to share the objectives for 2023, the scope we intend to achieve, the strategies we are and will be implementing, and reinforce the identity of each collaborator, which strengthens the identity of AMN.

Our corporate mascot was also present to reinforce the values that are the cornerstone of our brand, including teamwork and the constant pursuit of achieving a sense of belonging towards excellence among our collaborators, to always meet the highest quality standards internally and towards our clients.

We are excited to share that this was the first time in AMN’s history that an event like this was achieved, where all collaborators united with a single purpose. It was incredible!

Furthermore, our director, Victor Corella, shared the vision and role that each collaborator plays, as well as how, for over 30 years, we have valued the trust that our clients have placed in us, and how we strive to offer exceptional service.

Finally, we emphasized the importance of teamwork, involving all members of the company and collaborators, and creating an environment where everyone makes an impact both professionally and personally. We will continue to work with all our effort to achieve our goals and meet the highest quality standards.

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