El Paso – Juárez Industry Summit 22, planning the great future of the border

For our team, it is important to be part of the transformation of El Paso-Juárez, so we were present at the Industry Summit 2022, an event that reminds us of the objectives we have as a region, an area where two sister cities coexist.

Thanks to the coordination of events like this, El Paso-Juárez has become the third most important manufacturing region in North America. But the efforts must not stop, because the goal is for the region to offer companies the best quality worldwide, in conjunction with innovation and progress.

At the event were prominent speakers such as J.J Childress, CEO of Microsoft’s TechSpark Initiative in Texas, and Ricardo Mora, founding member of the Technology HUB. In addition to special guests such as Emma Schwartz, CEO of Bio El Paso – Juárez.

Victor Corella, founder of AMN Quality, mentioned the importance of these types of programs in the region, such as the El Paso-Juarez Industry Summit 2022 or The Bridge Accelerator, which promote that both sides of the border are prepared for the changes that the future of the industry will bring to adapt and continue leading as one of the best industrial zones in North America.

For Victor and the AMN team, innovation and professionalization are necessary ways for the region to move forward, not only in the economic field but also in the development of new processes and technologies. Change is imminent in the region and we are preparing to make the best of it.

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